Appendectomy Nursing Care PlanAppendectomy of the surgical removal of the appendix is the only known procedure or remedy to the deceased organ.

An inflamed appendix is very fragile and is easily ruptured even with light irritation. This is why too much palpation on the area is discouraged. Another medical intervention that needs caution is the giving of analgesics for it masks the pain and could lead to misdiagnosis. It is then taught to give analgesics only after the diagnosis is finalized. Hot compress is not advised for it facilitates the rupture of the appendix.

  Appendectomy is a surgical emergency situation. Physicians must do laboratory works and confirmatory assessments decisively. A cold compress and antibiotic administration are commonly administered while waiting for surgery. A sudden disappearance of pain signifies rupture of the appendix, thus, “direct OR” is a must.

In the Philippines, though appendicitis is a medical emergency case, appendectomy is classified as either “plain appendectomy” (minor case), or “emergency appendectomy” (major case). Most health institutions or surgeons perform a small surgical incision at the McBurney area for plain appendectomy. They perform emergency appendectomy with a long midline incision (as that of exploratory laparotomy) for ruptured appendix. This is to evacuate the dead organ and fecal materials which spreads through the abdominal cavity. It aims to lessen the probability of developing complications like peritonitis.

Appendectomy Nursing Care Plan – Risk for Infection

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