Merriam Webster defined labor as the physical activities involved in parturition consisting essentially of a prolonged series of involuntary contractions of the uterine musculature together with both reflex and voluntary contractions of the abdominal wall.

Labor, is,perceived by many as the most painful part of the childbearing process. More often than not, women dread this part of childbirth more than the delivery itself. A lot of new and primi-gravidas do not have knowledge regarding the basic labor process. It is therefore important for the nurse to guide the woman in labor across her journey to full-time mother hood and ensure the deliverance of holistic care.

The pt. is experiencing the latent phase of the active stage of labor. The client is a primi-gravida and she admits to not knowing anything about what to expect and what to do. This has led to deficient knowledge.

Labor Nursing Care Plan