Burns Nursing Care Plan (NCP) – Risk for infection

Burns are injuries in the integumentary system cause by friction, heat, chemicals, and electricity. Management and treatment of burns is essential because it is painful and it can cause physical deformities. There are three types of burns:

  1. First degree burns. This is the most common and least serious among the three. It only affects the epidermis. Pain, redness and swelling are the usual symptoms.
  2. Second degree burns. This affects both the epidermis and the dermis. The symptoms include severe pain and swelling, red and splotchy appearance, and blisters.
  3. Third degree burns. It affects all the layers of the skin. This is the most serious type because it can cause permanent tissue damage. The symptoms include charred skin, and difficulty of breathing.

Burns Nursing Care Plan (NCP) – Risk for infection

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