It’s been almost 2 months since Thanksgiving, but I bet there are a lot of memorable events that feels like it was merely yesterday. This video is a proof that Thanksgiving can be celebrated like no other.

Celebrating holidays without our loved ones is a real tearjerker. That’s why the evolution of Skype, Facebook, and other Social Media Tools aid in lifting the burden of homesickness and separation from the family during these seasons. However, such advances can never replace the warmth of a real human touch.

Tesha Loven, who works in Alliance Health in Midwest City of Oklahoma, suffers great loneliness because her two sons will soon be leaving. Both of them are shipping out to severe in the military. The impending separation made it difficult for her to smile, but she founds comfort from her co-worker, Tammy Smith.

Tammy is a mother and a nurse, whose son also serve in the military. It has been almost 2 years, since she last hugged him for he was stationed in Germany. Although Tammy tries to relieve her friend’s sadness, she too can’t erase the fact that she misses her son so much, especially after saying that he won’t make it on Thanksgiving.

Shawn Smith, Tammy’s husband, told that she is a strong woman. He witnessed how she handled changes in their family, especially when their son left and serve the country. When Tammy knew that her son, Brandon, wouldn’t be with them on Thanksgiving, she thought it’s fine they can talk to Skype . She was still trying to be optimistic about it, instead of letting sadness devour her. But little did she know, that her husband and son already planned an act to surprise her. To make this extra special, Tammy’s co-workers connived with their plan and thought of making this Thanksgiving more memorable.

On a Friday night shift, the ER team of Alliance Health just check-in a soldier (disguised as a training exercise), and they were so in to it. That time, Tammy was assigned to encode the patient’s information in their computer. As she asked the patient, she noticed something weird. She thought it’s just a coincidence that a person holds similar name and birthdate with his son. Even though, it felt absurd Tammy still continue to check-in the patient, while Brandon on the other hand was already sneaking behind her to give that big surprise.

When Brandon stood and finally surprised Tammy, she clutched and embraced him as if there is no tomorrow (while the rest of the team applauded them). Brandon only has 17 days to enjoy his vacation before getting back to work. But, even though it seems short, the family would surely make every day count.

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