One major problem of our country that for how many years has not been addressed with proper action plan is on health aspect of the populace.

To credit, there are many health programs that has good aims in alleviating the health status of every Filipino citizen but then some of them are just good with what it has been written but not how things are imposed. A sad reality which has a truth in the deepest sense that we must accept and change for the betterment of our own community.


Just recent, the Department of Health started in assessing the poorest sector in our society together with different branches of our government to identify the families with the poorest standing in their barangays that are most likely unable to meet proper approach in their health status just like how to avail their Philhealth benefits, which to address and when to address their health needs. In connection, the program doesn’t only address the dilemma in families health status but also in addressing unemployment status of different health practitioners specially nurses so RNheals and some midwife has been established to be supervisors in their respective barangays assigned to implement the said program.

Community health team

Community health team is a collaborative effort not just the trained nurse or midwife deployed in the community but also their respective barangay officials, rural health midwife , the bhw’s that will be trained and will be called then as navigators and every citizen that will be involved to uphold the highest wellness of an individual specially to those who belong to the national household targeting system identified by the DSWD.

As they always say prevention is always better than cure but then can you blame them? If they utter the words, “we need to earn to attain our basic needs and be able to eat 3 times a day and assessing their health need is not a priority”. Many

Filipino families suffer from different health conditions that when addressed the condition is at its worst due to the following reasons (1) do not know their health risk and needs (2) financial stability to get health services needed (3) lack of knowledge and not have an idea whom to address their health concerns (4) no means of transportation specially those who are in area not accessible by vehicles. Thus, if those conditions are addressed earlier it would have been less in impact and have been given with proper attention and care.

In connection, to break the hurdle to health care use, Community Health Team (CHTs) is an advocate and frontline to promote the kalusugan pangkalahatan. In addition, they will serve as the guide and will give direct assistance to underserved Filipino families all over the country by helping them navigate or find their way through health system. I just hope and pray that this program is the answer that we are all waiting for to address the health status of every Filipino citizen because they deserve to be taken care of therapeutically.


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