1. Nurses get paid big-time.
  2. Nurses are covered with a comprehensive health insurance plan that promises completely free services and medicines during times of health-related crises.
  3. Nurses are assured of a stable, safe, and productivity-enhancing nurse-patient ratio.
  4. Nurses are considered assets and safeguards of lives and health so they are assured of numerous benefits and stable working conditions.
  5. Nurses are always assumed as generalists when they apply for jobs. They are assumed to not require additional training for basic tasks like intravenous therapy and basic life support since these are incorporated in Nursing school.
  6. The official Nurse license from the Professional Regulation Commission is proudly respected and the bearer is usually looked up to.
  7. Nurses always eat on time.
  8. People generally respect nurses and treat them as university-educated professionals just like employees who wear coats and ties.
  9. Nurses in the Philippines have a “voice” when errors on the part of superiors and other medical doctors arise. Their thorough medical knowledge saves them from lawsuits and problems.
  10. Nurses are generally in control of their time.
  11. Nurses do not perform duties and responsibilities not stated in their job descriptions. They have a clear statement of what is required of them.
  12. Nurses are respected and treated as equal members of the medical team, especially by consultant doctors and fellows.
  13. Nurses do not go home late.
  14. Nurses are always guaranteed of equal, lawful protection.
  15. Nurses enjoy a salary higher than the cost of actually studying to become one.
  16. Nurses are recognized and are given credit for excellent things they do.
  17. Nurses have extremely comfortable bathroom privileges.
  18. Nurses get what they deserve.


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