Unemployment rate of Filipino nurses in their homeland, the Philippines is very high and these nurses have been looking for ways to seek better lives abroad. There is good news for some of these Filipino nurses: Finland, a Nordic country located in Europe,  is welcoming another 100 nurses from abroad. The Nordic country is welcoming nurses specifically from the Philippines.

Francois Neil Dantes is a nurse, from a group of nurses, who is to come to Finland in an effort to address the labor shortage of nurses in the Nordic State. These nurses have undergone an intensive language training that will enable them to immerse with the Finnish professionals. It will also allow them to integrate themselves better by way of mastery of the Finnish language.

Meanwhile, Spain is also suffering from a huge percentage of unemployment and many of their young professionals are also looking for jobs abroad, and some of them have been welcomed in Finland as well. Last October 14, 2012, 14  Spanish nurses reported for work at the Satakunta region of Finland. They are employed in both the private and public sector.

Nurses abroad are a great source of income from the government. Their remittances add up to billions of pesos, and without them, the economy could suffer a serious fall. Presently, there are more than 400,000 jobless nurses in the Philippines. Some of these nurses even option to pay hospitals in order to let them serve and let them have the experience that they need that will enable them to seek jobs abroad.

Nurses are a vital part of healthcare and the Philippine government should do more in order to help these nurses, otherwise face the consequences of brain drain. The best nurses will leave the country and will serve abroad instead of serving their fellow Filipinos. I do not wish to see the day when the Philippines will cry because of the lack of nurses.

Reference: http://yle.fi/uutiset/filipino_nurses_prepare_to_work_in_finland/6336793

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