Nursing has lost its popularity among many Filipinos. In the whole country for example, what once were colleges or departments in universities teeming with nursing students are now but a meager one or two sections. This affects not only school profits but the family of Clinical Instructors relying in their salary for a living as well. Master’s Degree holders have stronger holds, but even that is not enough to keep many in their jobs. Together with new graduates, board exam passers and non-passers, the unemployment and underemployment rate for nurses in the Philippines remain high. If you are a nurse in the Philippines, what would you do to earn?

Here’s how to job hunt or how to look for work opportunities for nurses here in the Philippines.

1.) Know thyself.

Yes, know what you want is foremost. Do you want to work as a clinical nurse? A company nurse? A community nurse? Or something else? This can help narrow down your options. Also take into consideration your skills and talents. They can help you land into a job that suits you best. With that and a ready resume, take the nest step…

2.) Read newspapers 

Newspapers seem a little outdated nowadays but they are still of good and established reputation so if you see an announcement in the Classified Ads of national or local newspapers, you’re sure it’s reliable. All you need to do is read well, get the whats, hows and whys. 

3.) Make an account in online job portals

Popular online job portals include,,,, etc. Simply create an account on this websites (don’t forget to choose job categories that you prefer or that suits your qualifications) and wait for daily updates sent on your emails. You can also check the sites daily if you prefer that. And apply to openings online with your ready resumes. 

4.) Check with government agencies’ websitesPOEA, DOLE, DOH, DSWD, DFA, DepEd, PhilHealth are just some of the government agencies hiring now and then. These agencies mentioned in particular have possible jobs for nurses and others in the medical field. For example, in DepEd, you can check for school nurse hirings or even staffs. In PhilHealth, you can check if they’re currently hiring PhilHealth CARES offered specifically to nurses. In DOLE, since it’s a department on labor, you can certainly find job posts there. In DSWD, if you like community work and because they are currently scaling up many of their programs, you can find many job openings there as well. These and many others. 

5.) Update with your network

Not networking business, network with friends. Ask around your old mates for job openings in their companies or area of work. Sometimes, a good job is just one question away.

6.) Get serious in your job hunt

You might be surprised when you pass a resume online or face to face that there will be hundreds or thousands applying for the same position. Do not despair. Think well, if you really want the job, get serious. Make a good resume, study for the exam and dress up and prepare for the interview.

7.) Don’t be stagnant.

Keep studying if it’s possible. A good credentials can make job hunting a little easier as it can give you an edge over others.

8.) Be patient. No explanations needed for that.

There are thousands of jobs in the Philippines. Paid or regular nursing jobs in hospitals in particular may be limited, but if you are flexible, there are many others available out there – both related and yes, also completely unrelated to your profession. Despite that, if you are serious about landing on good jobs, spread your wings, fly around and don’t stop looking. With the right credentials, skills, knowledge and attitude, you’ll eventually find one.

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