Finding work is not an easy requirement or task that you could just Google or surf in a search engine. It comes with a bunch of persistence, patience and commitment. As a nurse in the Philippines, difficulties in finding a job exist because of the variability in the supply and demand for nursing opportunities. Volunteerism, an act of working without compensation, is thriving in our society but is now being somehow eradicated by our government through some program implementation. But hey, there are still a lot of opportunities out there for nurses aside from hospital experience. So, are you ready to look for a job? Here are the 5 helpful tips for you.

5 Job Hunting tips for Nurses

  1. Always be prepared. As what scouts usually pledge and ponder to themselves, you should be prepared and sometimes for the unexpected situations especially for unexpected job fairs. So, prepare your resume, pictures of any size, credentials and certificates (already photocopied), a set of formal or semiformal clothes, as well as prepare how to answer an interview.
  2. Hone your detective skills. Like a detective and a researcher, be attentive to significant hints for job openings and job symposiums and fairs. Inquire. Ask for job openings at hospital institutions from your friends and from other people knowledgeable of the hospital’s whereabouts. You may also try searching in the net for job openings, but beware illegal transactions or illegal recruiters. To be safe, seek their recruiting license on POEA or DOLE websites. You may also go to the nearest POEA or DOLE office to look for agencies willing to hire nurses.
  3. Take Risks. Sometimes seeking for a job puts you in a situation when you have to be out of your comfort zone. For instance, going to a foreign place, taking new roles like be assigned to different specialized area of practice, speaking different language, undergoing education first before the work proper and worse spending lot of money in some special circumstance, like working to another place.
  4. Be persistent. Like what Jessica in Twilight said during their graduation day, do not be afraid of making mistakes. If you fail from an application, well, there are still more opportunities if you are persistent with your bucket list. As long as you keep and persistently believe and strive, your goals will always come true.
  5. Keep track.  You may follow up your applications once in awhile to let employer know that you are really interested on the job you applied for. Be polite, of course and take precautionary measures for hints like if there is a possibility for you to be hired or not.


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