Nurse Guilty of Robbery

In Ireland, a nurse has been revoked the right to practice after being proven to have robbed money from patients of care. Fiona Mary Quinn, with a nurse registration number of 105233, was discovered by the Ireland Nursing and Midwifery Board’s committee for fitness-to-practice to have stolen a considerable amount of cash from more thanNurse-revoked-license one resident patients of a hospital in October 2009.  In November 2013, the High Court validated the decision to have Quinn’s name deleted from the register of nurses and midwives. This verdict was recently published on the website of the nursing board.

According to an official post on the website, she had been charged guilty of professional misconduct, for having taken a wad of cash from more than one patient of an unidentified hospital on more than one occasion (unspecified dates) in early and mid- October 2009.


Investigations made by the fitness-to-practice committee are kept confidential. However, final decisions are posted on the regulatory board’s website at regular intervals. It does not divulge any personal information like the address or employer name of the nurses who are subject for evaluation by the fitness-to-practice committee.

Typically, the names and their respective registration numbers are the only information revealed to identify the nurses.

Unfit for the Profession 

In a different case, Ann Patricia McNulty (registration pin number of 40003) was confirmed to have failed to meet the terms previously imposed by the board. As a result, her name was erased from the registry list. The board verified she was suffering a physical or mental condition making her unfit to continue in the nursing practice.

Rose Gill (registration pin number of 2072) was also erased from the registry because she was found guilty of professional misconduct. It was confirmed that she failed to show competency in practicing the nursing profession while she was enrolled in a course for returning to nursing practice in the Centre for Nursing and Midwifery Education in the year 2008 and working in an unidentified hospital.

Two Additional Nurses Condemned by the Board

Lucia Maria Goretti Flanagan (registration pin number of 22086) was called to attention after found to be taking prednisolone, a steroid, and use it for her own use with any authorization from the hospital. She committed the act while on duty as a nurse and/or night supervisor in a unnamed hospital. It happened between January and February 2008. Conditions were set by the board to have her name retained on the register for nurses.

Jacquiline O’Riordan (Murphy) (registration pin number 53710) was accused of administering an intramuscular injection to a female patient containing 0.5mL even though it was not ordered by the physician. The act itself was inappropriate behavior.

According to the board, in conclusion, her action placed the patient’s health or safety in danger.


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