A military nurse can be simply described as a nurse who serves the military and holds a military rank itself. The history happened when the dawn for civilization created its path for nurses to serve the patriots of their country. It attached its professional name to the military position knowing that they would be of great and essential help for the restoration, maintenance and promotion of health in the said sector.

Serving the military does not only produce an exciting course of life but also builds a creative realization of a dignified and disciplined role. All military divisions like the Army, Navy, Air Force, and the Coast Guard have nurse corps, defined as an independent or semi-independent military command which is composed of a group of members with a common goal. Nurses may assume the role of a soldier, marine, sailor, or an airman but may resume her role in health in tents or fixed facilities, as well. They assist the surgical teams and may work also on hospital ships at times. A military nurse may not only practice her profession in the said challenging battlefield but also in many settings.  She may practice her profession in clinics, military hospitals, and even in the community.

Being commissioned in a nurse corps puts a rewarding rank of 2nd Lieutenant at the respected course of service. Promotion in rank requires a nurse to complete the milestones in this career and may include the basics of competition herein.

In the Philippines, military sectors like the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Coast Guard open their doors for aspiring nurses who want to give out their potentials and become one of their dignified military nurses.

Here are the helpful pieces of information

Armed Forces of the Philippines:http://www.afp.mil.ph/0/joinafp/NC_Join_AFP.php

OTCN (Office of the Chief Nurse)
Bulwagang Valdez 2nd Floor
Inside Camp General Emilio Aguinaldo

Requirements for Commission- Ship in the Nurse Corps:

1. Filipino citizen (obtain through birth)
2. Has a pleasing personality
3. Board passing rate should be 80% and above, those who have a passing rate below 80% may be admitted, however, a qualifying examination must be taken
4. Male and female applicants must be single or never been married. For female applicants, must not be positively found to have given birth to a living stillborn child.
5. Upon commission, he or she must not exceed the age of 32 years old
6. Must satisfy the following height requirements:
Female – at least 5′ 2″
Male – at least 5′ 4″
7. Physically and mentally fit for military service

1. First priority shall be given to Enlisted Personnel who are registered nurses by profession with at least three (3) years of active military service and have successfully completed the Clinical Nursing Program for EP Nurses being conducted by the Office of The Chief Nurse, AFP
2. Second priority shall be given to other applicants who have satisfied the additional following additional requirements:
a.) With at least three (3) years of current and continuous professional experience in hospital/clinic settings and or a member of a faculty of a recognized School of Nursing.
b.) Preferably with a Master in Nursing or at least nine (9) units of postgraduate studies leading to Master in Nursing.

Philippine Coast Guard (PCG):

Headquarters Philippine Coast Guard
139 25th Street, Port Area
1018 Manila Philippines
(02) 527-8481, Loc. 6290/6292
Direct line (02) 328-1098
(02) 527-8481 Loc. 6291

Nursing as a flexible profession proves to all that a white uniform is not only its perfect identity but also wearing a camouflage one. Nursing care immerses in a vast of unique and challenging career these days. It flourishes in different societal roles even becoming a regal military nurse.


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