Filipino Nurse Michael Tagada working  at the New York University (NYU) Hospital as nurse manager was received the New York Times 2011 tribute to Nurses Award for innovation and leadership at the New York Times headquarters in Manhattan.

With his unique contributions to the nursing field, the awards organizers say, they created a new award category for the Filipino nurse – the Innovaton and Leadership Award.

“For me to come from the Philippines and out of the millions of Filipino nurses here sa buong America, it’s a huge honor, napakalaking karangalan.”Tagadaya said.

As a nurse manager at the Ambulatory Surgery unit of the NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases created paddle pagers to ease the family members’ concerns about their loved ones’ surgeries.

He also created new staff positions to bridge the gaps between operating room and recovery room.

Tagadaya’s superiors at the NYU hospital say, patient satisfaction soared, thanks to those innovations.

“It’s no surprise that a lot of our nurses are of Filipino background and we really have a lot of respect for them, and they’re wonderful colleagues and they really make our medical center special, It’s a pleasure to have them,” said Joseph Basco, Vice Chair of the Orthopedic section of the NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases.

“It’s an honor for me to support Michael, he’s a great guy and second to Manny Pacquiao, he is the second most popular Filipino in our hospital,” Basco said.

Tagadaya said he was shining shoes and working in a deli to pay for his education back in the Philippines. After becoming a registered nurse, Tagadaya came to the US in 1991 to chase his “American Dream“.

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Today Tagadaya  has a Master’s Degree in Nursing  and owes the honor to his father.

“This honor is really dedicated to my Father, because he, at a very young age, talagang in-emphasize niya sa akin yung importansya ng pagiging tunay na leader and to go above and beyond,” he said.

The “Tribute to Nurses Program” is New York Times’ way of bringing the attention to a broader level, the outstanding contribution of nurses in the healthcare field in the Tristate area.

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