Thursday, October 29, 2020

Nursing Guide

This is a collection of how-to’s, (FAQs) frequently ask questions, nursing inquiries, that you may find helpful, substantial, and complete


Which Country Do You Prefer To Work As A Nurse?

A lot of nurses are planning to work outside their country to gain a better salary, receive better benefits, and have more experience. Since...
oathtaking of filipino nurses

After Passing NLE What’s Next?

For most nursing students, the primary thing that gets into their mind is to be able to graduate for them to take the Nursing...
What next after board Exam

What is Next After Taking the Board Exam?

So, now, you are in between being a Nursing graduate and soon, an RN to be. What is next after taking your board exam?...

PRC Online Verification Rating for December 2011 Nurses Licensure Examination

Professional Regulation Commission  launched  their Online Verification  Rating or (OVR) last November 2010 an innovative program for  examinees to view  for their rating through the web. December 2011 Nurses...

ANSAP accredited Hospital conducting Basic IVT (intravenous therapy ) training

ANSAP has been the leading accredited nursing specialty organization which prepared the nursing standards on intravenous practice. Although the Intravenous Therapy Program( ITP) of...