The Ebola virus has been spreading like wildfire. This virus is transferred through direct contact with contaminated fluids like blood, vomit, and saliva. It is becoming a growing concern worldwide. It has now found its way on American soil. Unfortunately, a nurse contracted the Ebola virus from a patient suffering from the said virus. She was only doing her job and now her life is in danger.

The first case of Ebola in America


A patient named Thomas Eric Duncan just recently passed away caused by the Ebola virus. It was reported he contracted the virus from his country, Liberia. The nurse taking care of him in Texas hospital contracted the same deadly disease. This is the first known case of the virus being spread in America and now the woman from Texas is unknown from the public and now resulting to be a public panic issue in the continent.

What is astonishing about this story is that the nurse was wearing protective gear while she was treating the patient. She wore full protective gear the entire time she cared for him. The woman is in stable condition in an isolation ward.

Possible spread of the virus

Unfortunately, she may not be the only case in America. According to reports, there was a breach of safety protocol and there are other potential victims of this virus. In other words, more people may have come in contact with Duncan. According to Dr. Tom Frieden, head of the Centers for Disease Control Prevention, there were at least 48 people who may have come in contact with the patient. These people have to be checked for symptoms regularly to make sure they haven’t contracted the virus. Dr. Frieden is going to investigate how the virus spread throughout the hospital.

The outbreak of the virus

The Ebola outbreak was in other countries. There are more than 8,000 people who may or may not have the virus. There are at least over 4,000 deaths from this deadly virus. These numbers are very alarming and disturbing. It’s hard to think that so many people are suffering from this virus. Now that this nurse has caught the virus, it won’t be long before other people in America catch it too.

The nurse’s family wants to protect her privacy. They don’t want her identity or her job given to the press. Is this really a good idea to keep her identity hidden? People won’t know if they have come in contact with her after she treated Duncan. This may lead to more people suffering from the virus. A doctor confirmed that the woman took the necessary precautions while caring for Duncan each time he was there. Since she wore the right clothes, it doesn’t make any sense that she caught the virus.

A breach in protocol and the investigation

Dr. Frieden believes that there was a breach of protocol. He feels this way because the nurse took all of the right precautions, but she still contracted the virus. Their investigation is going to focus on what happened during Duncan’s last two visits at the hospital. They tested the nurse and the results will be done soon.

The mayor of Dallas took steps to quarantine the areas around the nurse’s home. They also quarantined her car. The police have been guarding her home since she has been infected. There’s even a barrel with the word “biohazard” on it sitting on her lawn.

How the nurse’s symptoms started

The nurse had a low fever. She was isolated and tested recently. She was in contact with Duncan so they couldn’t take any chances with her health. Her tests came back the day after she had the fever. It turned out she was infected with the virus. According to a judge, the nurse is heroic for helping Duncan. The judge believed it was bad news, but it shouldn’t make people panic. It is a safe bet that people are going to panic over this.

How Duncan contracted the disease

Duncan tested positive for the virus on September 30, 2014. He got the virus 10 days after arriving on a flight from Monrovia via Brussels. He was sick a few days after he came to the United States. He went to the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas. When he arrived at the hospital, he had a very high fever. Duncan told the staff that he had been in Liberia. Apparently, his complaints were ignored because he was sent home with pain killers and antibiotics. He was put in an isolation unit. He died even though he was given an experimental drug so he could get better.

Who is at risk of catching the virus

Relatives of people who have the virus and healthcare workers have the highest risk of catching the virus. Anyone who comes in contact with a patient can get it. It is important that you always wear protective gear.

What  comprises the protective gear

  • Surgical cap – The cap covers the head and neck. You have an extra layer of protection and won’t be able to touch your face.
  • Goggles – They cover your eyes. They protect your eyes from splashes.
  • Medical mask – The mask covers the mouth to protect you from blood and bodily fluids from patients.
  • Respirator – You wear this to protect yourself from patients’ coughs.
  • Medical scrubs – The scrubs absorb liquid.
  • Overalls – Overalls cover the scrubs.
  • Double gloves – You have to wear two sets of gloves to make sure that no skin is shown.
  • Apron – Place this on top of the overalls as extra protection.
  • Boots – You need to wear rubber boots to protect your feet. If you don’t have boots, wear fluid-resistant shoes.

How to avoid catching the virus

There are things you can do to avoid catching the virus. You can avoid contact with people infected with the virus. Don’t touch anything that may have been contaminated in a public place. Wash your hands regularly. Make sure your skin and eyes are protected. You need to change your protective gear every 40 minutes. Get rid of any clothes that have been contaminated. If you are getting over the virus, don’t have sex or use condoms for 90 days.

The Texas Nurse Reveals her identity

After a few days of being hidden by the public, the texas nurse is in the person of Nina Pham. A 26- year- old Vietnamese American who became the first known person to be infected with Ebola in the United States.

It was reported that so far she is in good condition and taking all the necessary protocols regarding the deadly virus.

“I’m doing well and want to thank everyone for their kind wishes and prayers,” she said in a statement on Tuesday. “I am blessed by the support of family and friends and am blessed to be cared for by the best team of doctors and nurses in the world here at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas.”

And now what they are questioning is about her dog that might also carry the said virus. But rest assured the health organization is on the maximum security in handling the spread of the virus.

You need to take proper precautions when you come in contact with someone infected with the Ebola virus. The best thing to do is to become aware of the virus because it is very contagious and deadly. Hopefully, there will be a cure for this virus before more people suffer from it.

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