Most nursing students think that learning comes instantly just by copying notes, reading books and listening to lectures. Actually, learning is a mental process in which your eyes and ears play a passive role. In order to store and acquire information, one must focus, understand and digest the information gained.

There’s no such thing as a “born student.” I personally admit that it was hard to keep up with the demands of instructors, beating deadlines and accomplishing hours of duty, left with a little time for studying. Good thing, there is no genetic requirement in order to become a good student. A good student is one who gets the most of his schooling, through self-discipline and an avid interest in profitable knowledge. As such, the following are the most important points to remember in order to ace that grade!


Positive mindset. A positive mental attitude is important in order to achieve good test results. No matter how little “natural genius” a person may have, it is possible for you to maximize that ability more efficiently. Therefore, don’t let fear and hesitations creep into your mind. Remind yourself that there is no bad luck for a student who has worked hard.

Establish a study schedule. Time is the first tool a nursing student should maximize. I used to say, “I can’t find time.” Somehow, by learning to budget your time, you’ll soon realize that you have plenty of it. A study schedule helps you distribute time effectively to various subjects at the same time allows enough leeway so that recreation is assured.

Think when you read. A teacher of mine once said that by thinking, you are exercising your brain cells. It means bringing in your thought and applying it actively to the matter printed in the textbook. Also, it is very helpful to imagine what you are reading and create a “mind map”- play with your mind to facilitate further knowledge.

Be creative. Kill those boring black and white text in your book. Use different colors in organizing notes or draw a diagram in order to keep facilitate learning. Highlighting important sentences in your book will allow you to quickly recall and identify the main points of the chapter.

Take nothing for granted. FOLLOW ALL INSTRUCTIONS in the question paper. A lot of students fail because they assume the instructions provided. Be sure that you have written your name before handing over your paper.

Lastly, success depends on two main factors; the desire to study and the ability to study. By simply reading this, you have the desire in your heart to study. The next thing to know is how to study and what to study. Maximize your potential and believe that you can do it. Happy studying!

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