Everybody loves to laugh; everybody wants to be happy. This philosophy is a piece of single evidence that a human being deserves to be a self- actualized person, a person with satisfying goals, a person with contentment of his achievements, and a person who does not only want joy, but needs the bliss and best out of his life.

     Hospitals usually prime their staffs to provide nursing care with a smile. Yes, it does compliment the typical duty load of a nurse, and it does reflect a soothing atmosphere for those who are critically- ill patients. But do we, nurses, practice this? How often? Or when did you just last smiled? An efficient nurse does what it takes to give her fullest potential just to make sure that her clients receive the best of what they expect or that their needs are met with a satisfactory rating. But, despite providing nursing care with your fullest ability, there are times when things do not smile back at you.

Often, nurses resolve into something like a shock absorber, when all things are in chaos. A nurse may perform her duties and responsibilities; may attend to her client/ s; may collaborate with the other member of the health care team, but does a slight hint of joy perceivable? Well, not really, right? So, the question here is, is she/ he happy, too? Another philosophy rationalizes this as, if you do not have this, you cannot obviously give it. A profession is a give and take process. It is an investment of your skills and abilities, and in return compensatory measures provide the back portion of what you had invested. Compensation comes in a various ways. It may be an appreciation, an approval of a promotion, an increase in salary, clothing, transportation or food allowances, or recognition of your best potential. It is an inevitable agenda when you are practicing your profession, actually in any sort of occupation. However, being a nurse is different, because you are dealing with life; and you cannot take back life once you have committed a single mistake. But what is really important, compensation or passion? Let us leave this question for ourselves to answer because both are genuinely essential.

Nursing with a smile can be compared to gardening while singing even you are out of tune or like dancing, even you are both left-footed. Passion is what we are talking about. It does not matter if you are not a perfect person in any sense, but what is essential, is you love what you are doing. Giving a simple smile or putting humor, well, in a proper way, reflects that you are happy deep inside, too. It has even many benefits to count, like burning calories, lowers blood pressure, increases circulation, and many more. It may also encourage your client to verbalize her feelings and promote interaction in a long process, reduces stress in an uncomfortable situation, and it can even assist in finding solutions to a certain problem.

This article does not only speak for nurses who also need to laugh or smile once in a while but also calls for nurses to adapt to a friendly and passionate environment for their clients. Life does not have an easy way, but with a smile, everything may have.   


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