The idea of a Doctor diagnosed with cancer doesn’t sink in my mind. How can a health leader become a helpless patient one day?

I thought impossible things are only portrayed in telenovelas but I must understand it really happened in a real-life situations. How can a Doctor accept that at this time she’s a patient when I, myself can’t? For me, she had a tough time facing the truth. Aside from the rumor that people will spread, maybe she frequently asks herself “Can I consider myself an effective physician”?

Some will raise their brows once they hear the news but I supposed a lot of people will include her in their prayers. Why me? I believe this question keeps on visiting her mind. But I am puzzled because her act in response to her case doesn’t show that she’s blaming someone or questioning God. Please feel free to hope, to love, and to learn as we take a glance of my meaningful journey with my patient who happens to be a medical doctor.

I’ve been with her since day one. This time, I treat her as my patient, not my boss. She used to be somebody who supervised a lot of health workers. This moment, she is someone monitored by various health personnel. Everybody used to listen to her instructions at work, this point in time she needs a being willing to pay attention to her heart’s sentiments. She had undergone lung surgery twice; she’s been in the ICU for a week and in the private room for a month. It doesn’t end there.

She also went on chemotherapy. I was with her throughout the exhausting experience. I am her private duty nurse. I know her faith is tested; she’s taking one of the hardest exams in life. Most of the time, I felt drained but I never stopped begging God. If I’m weary, how much more my patient is? I never heard the word GIVE UP or saw that my beloved patient wants to surrender.

I remember God was our main source of strength in those tough times. “Dear Lord,” I pray like a child,” please heal my patient. Please give her another chance to serve your precious people. Please comfort her and carry her throughout this difficult journey.” I pray harder day by day. I recall, her face was pale, her lips were cracked, and she spoke using a low tone of voice. But she never failed to thank our Almighty Father. I saw her in pain, she’s weak yet her faith is stronger than the storms. I can’t forget we say our prayers mutually, we listen to her physician’s remarks jointly and we cry as one.

When I stare at her, I saw a child-like face. Her eyes keep on telling me, “I need a hug”. It’s just a small favor but I trust it has a relieving effect. I believe in touch therapy. So, I hug and kiss her forehead before I take a rest.

Suddenly, I realized I became a person different from who I was. I used to care for my loved ones in a silent way. I am not the sweet and showy type of person, but I think I am right now. I have learned how to appreciate small things; I value time and I understand life. I saw God’s goodness everyday.

I had a remarkable chapter of life with her. My patient went through different trials but I never heard she complained once. She owned a happy heart; thankful to God every minute of the day. Despite her achievement, I saw her humble side. She proved to me that faith plays a great role in facing hardships in life. I have a great joy every time I saw her spending good times with her family and sharing laughter with friends. I admit I’m a nurse but in life, I’m poor in decision-making, I easily give up and I always turn my back when problems come.

However, that was me in the past. God gave me a life-changing experience. Our loving Lord changed me for the better. It’s a one-month incident, but it gave me lifetime lessons. Lessons I will pass through my children and grandchildren. We prayed deeply, we believe in him heartily even if we can’t count the times we cried painfully. God showed his love and miracles. And that was etched in our hearts and minds forever. A million thanks to Our Good Lord and to my patient, my mentor, my beloved aunt. I am proud to say, WE MADE IT! Glory to God!


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