RNheals (Registered Nurses for Health Enhancement and Local Service Project) come into life when the government realized the inflation of nurses without proper placement in our country resulting to shifting to other fields and worst try to venture abroad for greener pasture because their own homeland forbids them the comfort to practice the profession with due compensation.nurse in white need hope

I think I have the stand to express my opinion because I was part of the program last year. I was tasked to write an article on how I view RNheals as a government program. Of course, for others, it may be a sign of relief for them not to work in hospitals as volunteers and even pay in return to gain that experience. At least the program offers you the chance to serve your countrymen at the same time acquire even a little stipend in return. But if you delve deeper enriching the profession of care that Florence Nightingale has established it diminishes the essence of being a health care practitioner.  At some point in our life, we envision that our country acknowledges the importance of the profession of care without the touch of exploitation. It is not all about the compensation but how they see nursing as a profession itself.

In connection, reading the article from the Inquirer news (http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/458697/nurses-to-become-govt-employees) gives me a sign of relief and keeps the little light burning that gives me hope for the future of the profession in white. I think this is the time not to lose hope hearing the words from Secretary Ona. It will not just give the stability in terms of salary grade and position in government but it will uplift the nursing profession. The nursing profession that has the capacity to provide a person holistically for preventive, promotive, and rehabilitative aspect that can produce a better quality of life.

We are hopeful and taking your words into account Secretary Ona that the pre-service trainee qualified nurses will become regular employees with due compensation.

Reading the article gives me so much hope that the profession in white will no longer venture to other countries just to gain that importance and at the same time that stability for sustenance. I’m working abroad not to despair the country that once I have to serve especially in the Local Government Unit that is really in need of qualified and new breed of skillful nurses. Having the chance to write makes me feel more proud that the profession of nursing has been taken into consideration as part of the government’s plan to prioritize.


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