The government officials of the Philippines in Switzerland are working with Swiss government with the possible entry of Pinoy nurses as trainees.

Switzerland possible entry for Pinoy nurses
Photo credit:pictureorphoto

Ambassador of Philippines in Swiss Leslie Baja and Federal Office of Migration Director Mario Gattiker are presently discussing about the possibility of Filipino nurse and other technical trainees to entry in Switzerland under a bilateral agreement.

“The embassy is also looking at the possibility of Filipino nurses entering as trainees, as Filipino healthcare workers who arrived in the 1970s are very well regarded in the country,” statement by Baja from an interview

Prior to the agreement between Filipinos and Swiss nationals can work in each other’s country for a maximum of 18 months and receive training in the field of their choice.

Recently, Baja met with about two dozen Filipino au pairs in Switzerland, most of them graduated as nurses in the Philippines.

An au pair” is a French phrase that means “on par” or “equal to.”  Its means a young man or woman from a foreign country, usually under 30 years old, where in they handle light household chores, child care with no formal salaries and only receive monetary allowance from their host families.

Under the au pair program, Filipinos “live on an equal basis in a reciprocal, caring relationship” with their host families, according to the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE).

The aim of the program is for the au pair, a foreigner, to be at part or equal to locals by being treated as a member of the family instead of a domestic servant.

Since 2010, ban lifted in Switzerland, there are already more than 100 au pairs deployed in the country.


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