After seeing the short video I just really don’t know what to feel for various reasons. Wanting to feel relieved that someone has to speak and express what most nurses waiting to express for long years. Have the feeling of being proud how we value our profession which I consider one of the noblest or should I feel sad and disappointed how reality sucks to how nurses or health care providers not given with utmost dignified worth in our own homeland.

How we view situations in life will matter on what our ideals are, our principles, and what we believe as part of our guiding light. After seeing the video some would react in a positive way others may negate. Thus, each of us is unique and we are entitled to our own opinion.

What plays in my mind is not just to focus on RNheals alone but the profession as a whole. I consider myself a neophyte but then I have the full vision of how the present situation speaks the real status of nurses here in the Philippines. Would you blame nurses to feel exploited? Would you blame nurses to strive for greener pastures or resort to other jobs? And would you blame them to criticize how our government values health care and its professionals? What makes it annoying is that of the entire program that the government prioritizes health coverage maybe not the last but least tackled at. The inflation of nurses is immeasurable. The need over the supply exceeds. So Rnheals come into realization. Knowing about this program alleviates the spirit of nurses who are unemployed, been working for years as volunteers not experiencing being paid but then the video speaks for itself it just made us realize more and even better the real status of nurses which seems to be the saddest part of the program.

But with all my heart I want to commend all the nurses who are the embodiment of care. Despite of all the heartbreaking situation of nurses here in our homeland you still offer your service without hesitation. To all nurses who are in the said program, I hope you will never compromise the level of care you will provide to the patient in spite of your current status. As stated underpaid, late stipend, overtime hours not being compensated and not given with due benefits despite the services rendered. It’s not bad to express and exercise our freedom expression but just don’t settle for words. We should fight for our rights and stand for what we believe is right. Now is the time that we should not give up but the time to stand and let them know that nurses have a firm principle and we exist.

Always bear this in mind because the man who said this is a living truth of great work regardless of what he has gone through.

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work.” –  Steve Jobs


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