With competition for employment opportunities getting  stiffer, Filipino nurses need more than a pat on the back to jump start their nursing career. The search for a job can start with endless submission of generic resumes to countless hospitals within the metro and several provinces.
However, after getting adequate clinical experience comes the necessity of a new strategy to find a sustainable job, preferably from a well-known hospital within the country or some high-paying  health institutions abroad. This is when job search websites come to the picture.

From its inception back in the 90’s, job search websites have evolved into a user-friendly job portal offering unlimited access to the latest job vacancies for any type of profession here and anywhere in the world. In addition to that, foreign companies have also learned to tap the manpower pool of countries such as the Philippines and use hard-working Filipinos to achieve their long-term goals. The power of the world wide web is quite limitless and the chances of having unlimited job offers are now more possible, thanks to the local job search websites.

Vacancies for staff nurse positions and other nursing-related jobs are some of the best things you can get out of a job search website. Here is a run down of the five best search sites for Filipino nurses and a  brief explanation why they made it to the list:

5. Jobrapido.com

Minimalist. This is how I can describe Jobrapido.com after being impressed with its easy navigation tools, quick/ updated search results and a minimalist style that can give you relevant job searches without those numerous advertisements crowding the page. It allows job seekers  to create their own online CV and give quick nursing-related results ranging from company nurse vacancies up to overseas job openings. With the ease it provides to our online job hunters, Jobrapido.com didn’t fail to live up to its name.

4. Workabroad.ph

If you’re an aspiring OFW, workabroad.ph is probably one of the best, if not the best, online resources you can ever use to increase your chances of getting hired. Boasting a wonderfully crafted web design, a forum especially made for OFWs and topnotch articles written to inform the public about the nitty gritty of overseas employment, workabroad.ph is clearly ahead of its game. Job opportunities also await Filipino nurses with adequate clinical experience but to increase your chances of success, workabroad.ph also provides its users free tips and an opportunity to create their own comprehensive online resume.

3. oDesk/Elance

With job opportunities in hospitals becoming more of a rare find these days, freelancing is definitely one of the best options an unemployed nurse must try. Among the leading names in the freelancing industry that have provided home-based jobs for thousands of Filipinos, majority of which are nurses, are oDesk and Elance. Both websites let you create your own profile, a work portfolio and job application quota that let you bid for specific jobs that suit your passion, skills and interest. Job opportunities can range from virtual assistant to health/medical content writer. With their  spick-and-span design and easier ways to earn money, anyone can live their own dreams at the comfort of their home.

2. JobsDB

I got hired a couple of times already by  using JobsDB alone, a proof of its value in alleviating unemployment problems that most of the Filipino nurses are facing nowadays. With sleek design and organized job categories, users of this website can apply for the job of their choice by submitting a personalized CV and an optional cover letter to impress prospective employers. With job vacancies coming mostly from major call center companies, nurses are free to choose whether to penetrate the BPO industry or dig deeper to find companies who are hiring full-time/part-time registered nurses.

1. Jobstreet

Probably the most popular choice among the five entries, Jobstreet is literally an online job market that can give you work within a few days as long as you’re highly qualified for it. It also gives e-mail updates about the latest job vacancies so you won’t  be left behind. With outstanding service and reliable job postings, one can never doubt the efficiency of this leading job portal in providing work for people who deserve it the most.

Nursing jobs only come to those who are willing to wait and persevere to make themselves better everyday. The road to long-term employment can be a little bit rough at first but with these online job search websites, the search for that golden opportunity can be as fast as a blink of an eye.

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