Nursing is an underappreciated job. You change diapers, give a bed bath, drain urine, but regardless of all these humbling responsibilities, you have to face angry folk, meet the demands of doctors, handle difficult patients, and even cope with the hospital’s requirements.

But the struggle doesn’t stop there. Sometimes, you have to miss a holiday to celebrate it with a stranger. Sometimes, you fail to take care of your own family just to nurse the family of others. Sometimes, you have to sacrifice your own health to save lives. And despite the odds, you remain unacknowledged.

But you know what? This month of May, we are celebrating International Nurse’s Week. And we want every nurse to know that you deserve to be appreciated, you deserve to feel that you are worthy, and you deserve to be loved and respected.

As a tribute, we compiled these inspiring infographic videos (created by wonderful people/companies across the globe) about nursing that will change your outlook towards this humble profession.

Top 5: Be a nurse

Nurses have different reasons why they chose the nursing profession over other careers. Some may be inspired by a nurse in their childhood. Some considered it as a calling. Some may be influenced by their peers. Whatever your reason is, for sure you have this preconceived notion that: “I want to be a nurse.”

Top 4: I am a Nurse

This next video tells us about the qualities of a nurse. To every nurse out there, your “RN” credential can never define the entirety of your profession. I am a nurse, and I’m very proud to be one.

Top 3: Here’s to nurses

Do you think nursing is an easy job? You will surely think twice after watching this video. This piece will enlighten you on “what it takes to become a nurse.” And be amazed at what nurses can do in their lifetime.

Top 2: Imagine….

Imagine… imagine. What if all nurses in your country left for a better career abroad? What if there’s no nurse left to take care of the poor? What if no nurse will ever care to serve in deprived communities. What if?

This video edifies that every community needs a nurse or a health worker.

Top 1: A world without nurses

Do you know that there is a nurse shortage across the globe? That the demand for nurses will increase over the years? This infographic will definitely raise your awareness regarding the great need of every country for professional nurses.

It’s not every day we can thank these amazing people. Words may never be profound enough to express our gratitude. But every nurse deserves to know that they are a hero in someone’s life.

Greet a nurse, you know. Feel free to share, like, or comment on this blog.

Happy International Nurse’s Week everyone!

Rina Malones is currently working as a critical care/acute stroke nurse. Besides from blogging, she's also studying International Health at University of the Philippines Open University.


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