Can you remember the moment you first decided to go to a Nursing School?

What drove you to choose nursing as your profession?

Choosing a career is a personal choice. It is like forecasting on what you want to do in the future that would immensely affect your life after school.

A career in nursing requires not only interest in the subject matter but one should possess a compassionate heart towards others. Each entry point in this field has a set of educational requirements, skills, and responsibilities specific to nursing. Regardless of which area of this study you plan to specialize, one should have a genuine desire to work with a team and should have good communication skills.

Nurses around the globe posted in the web the reasons why they want to be a nurse. If you are considering a career in this area, the information below enables you to assess if your career goals and strengths fit the job. It can help you see if you have what it takes to be a nurse and if you have the motivation required to be successful in this field.

1. Nurses are good team players. Meaning to say, they work with other health care members and collaborate with them. This gives nurses the opportunity to sharpen not only their interpersonal skills but communication as well.

2. Flexible working schedules. In the Philippines shifts are about 8 to 12 hours for most health care facilities. One can request to be assigned in the night if a nurse decides to do some extra work in the morning or enroll for a master’s degree.

3. Ability to work in a variety of establishments. Some nurses prefer to work in the academic field while others prefer the hospital settings. Whatever your preference is, the nursing field offers a different work environments for nurses. For instance, if you love to teach health subjects you can work as a lecturer or clinical instructor in nursing schools and nursing review centers. Although, choosing this spectrum of nursing requires additional educational attainment (Master’s Degree or PhD). If you love action more than science, you can work where the patients are – in hospitals, clinics, home care facilities and etc. Government agencies are currently opening up work opportunities for nurses in the Philippines too. The key is to find which skill you want to spotlight and work up your credentials from there.

4. Nurses are in demand in other countries. Yes, we must admit it, most nurses took the course because of the high demand for health workers overseas. Philippines nurses had and have been employed in Dubai and nearby countries, the USA, New Zealand, United Kingdom and etc. In addition, the demand for nurses is projected to rise in the coming years.

5. Excellent compensation packages overseas. Registered nurses abroad can earn about 25,000 PHP to as much as 200,000 PHP (perhaps more in some countries depending on the work experience and health care agency).

6. It focuses on helping others. Sick people needs comfort and extra care. Although some patients have families to comfort them, most time of the day they are left alone in their hospital beds without someone to talk to. This is where nurses come in to picture. They make a huge difference in the lives of many people.

7. A nurse’s work is never boring. Unlike a plain office work, hospital work has lots of surprises and challenges. Like you never know how Patient A would react to the same medication or nursing care provided to Patient B. Most of the time, a nurse would never know what will come in today. This offers opportunities for nurses to make swift decisions regarding an emergent situation and sharpens a nurse’s skills by constant challenge. This is why most nurses won’t realize it has been 8 hours and the shift is over.

8. Nurses can effectively help parents or sick family members. One reason why some people chose nursing as their course is how they can apply the learnings in their daily lives. Not everyone knows how to disinfect and cover a wound, or take BP, or knows what OTC drug to take for simple illness. Having a nurse in the family is helpful.

These are just a few of the reasons why nurses to choose to pursue this profession. Again, the reason behind taking this course is a personal one. How about you? – Why do you want to be a nurse?


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