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It has been reported that depression is one of the leading causes of disability worldwide. It is commonly defined as persistent sad or depressed mood in a 2-week period according to DSM-IV-TR.

Meanwhile, it has been accompanied by a loss in pleasure to previous interests, disturbed sleep (hypersomnia or insomnia), loss in appetite (some may experience anorexia or overeating), negative concept of self or low esteem, and some relational problems or withdrawal due to excessive guilt or anxiety. Persistent ideation of dying or suicidal thoughts may also be manifested which brings the client at risk for potential self-harm due to this.

Being diagnosed with depression needs to be confirmed by five out of nine clinical symptoms stated by DSM-IV-TR and the inability to function(personal care, at work, or with family/ relationships with other people) properly because of these self-limiting manifestations.

Factors that make a person at risk for depression could be due to familial or genetic predisposition, hormonal imbalances, learned helplessness, significant loss of job, object, or loved one, some ambivalence in social relationships, and inadequate support system.

Depression Nursing plan of care should address the client’s ability to view self and living life positively, expressing self appropriately, securing safety, maintaining and promoting health and care to self and re-establishing relationships or interactions with other people.

Depression Nursing Care Plan-Self-Esteem Disturbance

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