So, it’s your first year in Nursing school. Do you have any idea what to even prepare for? There is only one thing that I can guarantee to you, it will never be easy, but it will definitely be worth it. You might have opened this blog to look for some overall picture of what to really expect in your first days in the college of Nursing.

Nothing much really in your first year because the hardest parts are in the next 3 years. But what is exciting about it is the different teachers that you are going to meet. Always remember you have to survive the first year because there will be great cuts in the next few years, and one of the techniques that you might want to consider, is to know your professors more.

Here are some of the 7 Types of Professors You Have to Prepare For

1. Meet the New Age Teacher

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He would enter the classroom as if there is no one there. It just seemed that everything that comes out of his mouth will leave you begging for more. When the Lord showered knowledge, they were there in front of the line bringing their buckets with them.

Preparation: Your wits. They love the well opinionated but know your limits. Ace all the exams and you’re good to go.

2. Entertainment with the Clown

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You get excited about his subject because you know you will have a great time. Usually, these teachers teach interesting subjects, nevertheless any subject becomes interesting because they are the ones teaching it. They will always find a way to make learning fun in a non-comedic way. They are very positive but never underestimate the lessons and the learning, they teach very well but you have to learn it good as well.

Preparation: Prepare yourself for entertainment every time he is around.

3. Extra Cocoa for the Bore

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The books alone are sedatives, the teacher becomes an added dose, as he just reads through the books and speaks in a monotonous voice. You can never really figure out if they are there to teach or just hate life as it is. Do not worry about your grades with them, as long as you consistently get good scores on the same tests that they give on all the sections, you will pass.

Preparation: Extra coffee and your next subject’s assignment.

4. Meet the 40 Percentile Fail Rate Teacher

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During your first years in college, there will be basic Algebra, Chemistry and Physics, believe it or not, if it’s easy in high school, it’s never the same in college. Real engineers teach you and they never stoop down to standards. Because of the high standards, their are going to be great cuts because of the subjects that they are teaching. It just seemed like almost half of the class might not make it, so make sure that you are not part of the failing group. Give their subject priority in learning. So, take extra time and make friends with other courses as you learn more about your teacher and his techniques.

Preparation: Have your thinking cap on and have some extra dose of courage. Review basics in your Math, Physics, Chemistry or Statistics.

5. Hail the Dragon

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They are the best and the worst at the same time. They will show you what nursing is all about, the stress and pressure. Some very strict teachers are actually showing their abilities in the clinical area already. You get very intimidated with them because of their style in teaching. They want everything to be perfect. But mistakes are inevitable for students. The stress and pressure that they will be putting on you will train you for the worst-case scenario, if you survive it, you will never be afraid again.

Preparation: Emotional stability is very important, always remember you will be dealing with tremendous pressure ahead.

6. Prepare Yourself for the Delegator

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He would start the day by segregating everyone in groups. And you will be assigned with topics every day and all you really have to do is report on the different topics assigned too you. They will just sit down, listen, and give you feedback or a quiz afterward. They are good teachers, they just want the students to be more confident, and they do not believe in spoon-feeding.

Preparation: Be confident in your reports and learn as much as you can in the reports.

7. Loving the Innovator

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This is one of the best types of teachers, they will always find a way to make the subject easy to understand. They make an effort in every lesson, students love these type of teachers, they are the preferred ones. They also tend to have preferred students as well. It’s ok if you are not one of them, as long as you are doing really well in the tests.

Preparation: Be a leader, demonstrate your ability to lead and shine through the activities and the lessons.

It’s going to be an adventure as you enter a new chapter of your life. College is going to be a ride worth riding as long as you take each challenge well. No matter what type of teacher you might encounter, as long as you are doing your job well you will definitely survive it.

Your teachers are your guide and your angels for your journey towards your nursing profession. Just think of college as a step to jump into, your teachers are going to be your strength no matter how difficult they can be.


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