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Get into nurses’ real-life stories that involve life & death experiences, balancing roles at work & at home, & discovering humanity in extreme conditions

nurses week 2020

Nurses Week 2020: Best Discounts, Freebies and Gift Ideas for Nurses

This Nurses week 2020 is extraordinary because the world is united with us in celebrating the heroes in white. Unfortunately, our generation must witness a PANDEMIC...
healthy lifestyle for nurses

D-PEND Strategy: A Healthy Lifestyle for Busy Nurse

Nurses work in a very critical and stressful environments every day. Meaning, we should always be at our best since we are handling lives...
5 ways to defeat burnout

5 Ways to Love Your Shift and Defeat Burnout

The feeling of exhaustion caused by sustained and prolonged stress. It’s a fatigue that is not just felt physically but also mentally and psychologically....
Front liners battle pandemic

A Tribute to The Front-liners in the Battle Against a Deadly Pandemic

This is where the tale of the Heroes in the Sick Room was known all around the world. While we are all aware of...
facemask story

The Story Behind the Face Mask

Face Masks have recently been trending to the vast majority of the population these days. Especially with the current outbreak of a new-found virus...
coronavirus myths

14 Novel Corona Virus [COVID 19] Mythbusters

The virus that has been plaguing Wuhan, China and has been slowly infecting 28 more countries worldwide just had its official name: COVID 19....
school nurse abroad

Quick Overview on Working as School Nurse Abroad

Did it ever occur to you if you’re happy with what you already achieved? I mean, whether you’re working in a hospital or community,...
nurse bullying

Nurse Bullying – Impacts in our Health Care System

Nurse bullying in the health care industry is not uncommon, and it became hybrid when social media got into the picture. Nursing is a...
dealing with difficult doctors

7 Highly Effective Ways in Dealing with Difficult Doctors

When dealing with difficult doctors, one must understand personalities, and it has always been a part of the nurse’s job to be ready to...
nursing personalities

7 Types Of Nursing Personalities – Where Do You See Yourself ?

Ever thought of the millions, and millions more of all the Nursing staffs expanding around every corner of the hospital or clinic, and out...
nurse traits

Nurse Traits that Matter to Nursing Practice

One car driver may run away after hitting an innocent bystander in the street. Another would stop without a second thought to help. A student...
uk filipino nurses stories

True Stories of U.K. Nurses

While it is some nurse's preference to stay in their home country, a Filipino nurse's life has been often accompanied by the possibility, and...