Friday, September 24, 2021
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Get into nurses’ real-life stories that involve life & death experiences, balancing roles at work & at home, & discovering humanity in extreme conditions

nurse stress work

Nurse Burnout or Stress: What It Is and How to Handle It

All jobs come with some degree of stress, but nurses are subjected to an extremely high level of it. In fact, nurses’ naturally high-stress...
nurse help patient

A BetterHelp Therapy: Just What Nurses May Need Sooner Than Later

Nobody is immune to mental illness. While mental illnesses are a state or condition that involves remarkable changes in one’s emotions, thinking and behavior,...
filipino nurse covid diary

Diary Of a COVID Nurse: The Fear and The Hope

Over a year after the first recorded COVID19 case, nurses are still part of the professionals who sacrifice their time, comfort, and even health to...

The Importance of Nurses Being Diagnosed for Mental Health Issues

Being a nurse is difficult, even before COVID-19. It can be an ironic career, too, where nurses spend so much time taking of others,...
depression for nurses

The Battle of Anxiety and Depression Within Nurses

We, nurses, are always under extreme pressure and faced with problems from our clients, coworkers, and managers; these variables can lead to depression for nurses –...
Close up of therapist touching woman patient hands

How BetterHelp Can Connect with Someone Who Has Depression

Anyone who devotes their life to helping other people will eventually discover that someone they want to help is suffering from depression. This mental...
yoga for nurses

Yoga Makes Nursing Easy!

Becoming a nurse can be daunting – “daunting” is an understatement. By definition, the nursing profession is one of the easiest to place in...
superfoods for nurses

10 Superfoods that Boosts the Immunity of Nurses

COVID-19 Pandemic seems to be staying with us for quite some time. With the current status of the world today, the front-liners, especially the...
nurses week 2020

Nurses Week 2020: Best Discounts, Freebies and Gift Ideas for Nurses

This Nurses week 2020 is extraordinary because the world is united with us in celebrating the heroes in white. Unfortunately, our generation must witness a PANDEMIC...
healthy lifestyle for nurses

D-PEND Strategy: A Healthy Lifestyle for Busy Nurse

Nurses work in a very critical and stressful environments every day. Meaning, we should always be at our best since we are handling lives...
5 ways to defeat burnout

5 Ways to Love Your Shift and Defeat Burnout

The feeling of exhaustion caused by sustained and prolonged stress. It’s a fatigue that is not just felt physically but also mentally and psychologically....
Front liners battle pandemic

A Tribute to The Front-liners in the Battle Against a Deadly Pandemic

This is where the tale of the Heroes in the Sick Room was known all around the world. While we are all aware of...