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Correctional Nursing Practice: How to become a Correctional Nurse

Correctional Nursing is a rewarding career that is often overlooked. Also referred to as Custodial Nursing and Prison Nursing, Correctional Nursing is not an...
medical coding career

Trending Career: Medical Coding

We live in a world where technology is rapidly growing. We have witnessed incredible feats of technological advancements that we could only imagine a...
social media for nurses

A Nurse’s Guide to Effectively Using Social Media for Professional Development

Some nurses are social media superstars. They’ve become a go-to resource for general health care inquiries. They serve as a frequent commenters on forums...
Steps nursing career

5 Steps to Take Your Nursing Career Goals to the Next Level

Are you tired of the regularities? Work becoming too easy to do it’s making you bored to death? Do you wish that there could...

IKIGAI: The Answer To Your Nursing Career

Nursing as a profession can be quite overwhelming. Just look at what we do daily, wake up, prepare for our shift, beat the traffic...

Case Manager – The New Emerging Healthcare Frontliners

Prolonged length of stay and non-availability of in-patient hospital beds are overrated issues facing by both private and government-owned hospitals worldwide for more than...
pinoy nurses philippines

The Pinoy Nurse’s Diaspora – Show me the MONEY

More than a decade ago when the Philippine nursing exodus took over the land, where eligible nurses left like a tide. Nurses’ selection for...
nurse case manager

Case Management Scope of Practice

The global community and the health care challenges arise from its rapidly changing health demands must have a dynamic agent (the Nurse Case Manager) who can provide care beyond borders.
highest paying country for nurses

Highest Paying Country for Nurses

If you are in search of the highest paying country for nurses, this is your lucky day. Thinking about being an expatriate nurse? There...
careers in nursing outside hospital

Nursing Outside Hospital Walls

Do you know that there is life for nurses outside the pillars of a hospital? The usual idea of people is that nurses are educated...
filipino nurse in germany

Of Job-hunting and the Conquests of Two Filipino Nurses in Germany

Job-hunting is not that easy nowadays, especially if you have a resume just like 75% of everyone in your profession or chosen field. Well,...
canada immigration nurses

Canadian Immigration Pathways for Nurses

Who wants to live in a country brimming with dozens and dozens of ethnicities? You might be thinking of the cities in the United...