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Drug Study:Guaifenesin (Robitussin)

Drug Study Guaifenesin(Robitussin)

Generic name: Guaifenesin(gwye-fen´e-sin)
Brand name:Amonidrin, Anti-Tuss, Breonesin, Gee-Gee, GG-Cen, Glyceryl
Guaiacolate, Glycotuss, Glytuss, Guaituss, Hytuss, Malotuss,
Mytussin, Mucinex,Nortussin,Resyl,Robitussin
Classifications: antitussive; expectorant
Pregnancy Category:C
100 mg/5 mL syrup;  100 mg/5 mL, 200 mg/5 mL liquid;  200 mg cap



Enhances reflex outflow of respiratory tract fluids by irritation of gastric mucosa.

Therapeutic effects:
Aids in expectoration by reducing adhesiveness and surface tension of secretions.

To combat dry, nonproductive cough associated with colds and bronchitis. A common ingredient in cough mixtures.

Hypersensitivity to guaifenesin; pregnancy (category C), lactation.

Route & Dosage 

adult:   PO  200–400 mg q4h up to 2.4 g/d
child:   PO  <2 y: 12 mg/kg/d in 6 divided doses; 2–5 y: 50–100 mg q4h up to 600 mg/d; 6–11 y, 100–200 mg q4h up to 1.2 g/d



  • Ensure that sustained release form of drug is not chewed or crushed. It must be swallowed whole.
  • Follow dose with a full glass of water if not contraindicated.
  • Carefully observe maximum daily doses for adults and children

Adverse effects

GI: Low incidence of nausea.
CNS: Drowsiness.

Nursing implications 

Assessment & Drug Effects

  •  Monitor for therapeutic effectiveness. Persistent cough may indicate a serious condition requiring further diagnostic work.
  • Notify physician if high fever, rash, or headaches develop.

Patient & Family Education

  • Increase fluid intake to help loosen mucus; drink at least 8 glasses of fluid daily
  • Contact physician if cough persists beyond 1 wk.
  • Contact physician if high fever, rash, or headache develops
  • Do not breast feed while taking this drug.
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