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Nurses Wildest ER Stories

The nursing profession is filled with unworldly stories that some may find difficult to believe as they have not witnessed it. The hospital is full of incredible experiences that our health care workers encounter daily. We never know what will come on our doors or our department, and no matter how long you will work in this field, there’s always that incident where we are still surprised by this unknown rare case that comes across us. In this video published by BuzzFeedVideo on YouTube 2 years ago, they interview ER Nurses about their craziest and wildest ER encounters.

Hold on to your seats, as this clip may not be for the faint-hearted. Although most healthcare workers find these encounters “normal,” some newbies or student nurses might be surprised by what this video holds. From bloody diarrhea, maggots on foot to patients putting weird stuff from their behinds, the ER has it all. But not only does the ER have the weirdest cases that a nurse can encounter, but it’s also full of all unrelenting battles between “Everyday cases” to “What in the  heck is this ?!?!”

Aside from these, there will always be heartbreaking stories. As we will see here in the video that one of the featured nurses, while she was telling the story of one struggling baby patient with a heart condition, and we still see how emotional she gets while she was telling that story. It simply tells that time passes by, but we are forever affected in some way by the patients that we encounter throughout our careers. These are the things that we will be bringing until the time we grow old – until the time that these things are just going to be “stories of the past.”

Seeing through these videos, we nurses might sometimes feel that we are so good at handling stressful situations such as trauma or disastrous events, but this video shows that we are never immune and we will never be immuned, we are only versatile enough to endure the hardships of these instances and after everything – we still become appalled. We are still humans, after all. ER nurses are considered as the jack-of-all-trades due to the countless cases they encounter. They are the very first department that patients run to every time there is an accident. Hence, they probably have seen almost everything already. So, if you are aspiring to become an ER Nurse, this is the perfect video to prepare you for some of the wildest things you might encounter.


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