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Anyone who devotes their life to helping other people will eventually discover that someone they want to help is suffering from depression. This mental disorder strikes otherwise healthy people, but it is also quite common among people with physical illnesses. According to NAMI, people with depression are 40% more likely to develop certain diseases, such as cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. One thing that helpers can do for these people – or themselves – is to connect with a mental health counselor at BetterHelp.

Ways to Connect with BetterHelp

Connecting with a mental health counselor is a simple matter of going online and signing up with BetterHelp. The process of setting up the service only takes a few moments. No insurance is needed, but the cost of counseling is comparable to insurance co-pays for going to a local therapist.

Connecting by Mobile Phone

Anyone who seeks therapy can install the BetterHelp app to talk to their therapist through video teleconferencing or text messaging. You can find the app by clicking on this link: Many people appreciate the face-to-face interactions they can get through videoconferencing sessions.

Others prefer text chat for several reasons. First, text chat can feel safer because they do not have to see the therapist or see them to get help. Second, they can go on their BetterHelp app and leave a message whenever they like. Leaving a message during a distressing time can help provide some measure of relief. Their therapist will be there to answer their questions or make suggestions during their next office hours.

Connecting on a Desktop or Laptop

Although most people spend a significant amount of time on their mobile devices, some people prefer to talk to their counselor using their computer. Perhaps they feel most comfortable and secure in their home office. Or they may appreciate the larger screen to see their therapist better. Here again, they can use either videoconferencing or text chat.

Connecting through Social Media and Articles

Another way anyone can learn more about therapy, communicate, and discover articles about mental health is to follow the BetterHelp Facebook page. BetterHelp also publishes helpful advice articles  on depression and many other mental health topics.

What Happens in Online Therapy?

Talking to a counselor can make a significant difference to someone who is suffering from depression. Opening up about their feelings brings a measure of relief. Having someone trustworthy to rely on is also beneficial. Therapy helps in other ways, as well. The following are some of the things that happen during online counseling for depression.

Identifying Depression

It is difficult to help someone before identifying their problem. Depression shows up in many ways. For some people, depression is sadness. Others do not feel overwhelmed with sadness but instead feel numb or detached. Still others may feel restless and irritable.

Counselors at BetterHelp listen for common signs of depression. Because there is no insurance involved, there is no requirement that the therapist makes a formal diagnosis. However, they can identify depression and address it with therapeutic talk therapy just as a local counselor can.

Receiving Support and Validation

One goal of listening to someone who is depressed is to give them emotional support. A therapist listens nonjudgmentally and encourages them to talk about their distressing experiences and emotions. They offer understanding and recognition of the difficulties their client is facing.

Identifying Factors Contributing to Depression

A wide range of factors can contribute to a mental illness like depression. There may be a family history of mood disorders. Trauma, either when they were a child or as an adult, can impact their mental health now. Physical challenges or diseases can play a part. Unhealthy relationships with close friends and family members may make depression worse. Even work situations or financial difficulties can affect a person’s mental health. A therapist can help the person with depression uncover the roots of their depression to deal with each issue individually.

Recognizing Unhelpful Thoughts and Behaviors

Usually, there are unhelpful thoughts and behaviors behind the depression. A counselor can help the person consider how the thoughts and actions they choose are increasing their vulnerability to depression. They can help them analyze those thoughts and behaviors, determine if they are both realistic and helpful, and select different ones if needed.

Developing Coping Skills

Learning coping skills is a helpful way to deal with the symptoms of depression. A therapist can offer many suggestions for coping with symptoms like sadness, for example. Listening to music or taking a walk in nature might lighten their mood. Art, meditation, and even distractions can be beneficial. A counselor can suggest or teach coping strategies through online interactions.

Noticing that someone is in need is a help in itself. It is even better if someone who cares knows where to direct them for support. Therapy can help people weather the storm of depression and make changes to improve their mental health. Letting them know that counselors, such as those at BetterHelp, are available to them may be the best first step in improving their mental health.

This article was written by Julia Thomas a full-time practicing content writer for online publications since 2006. In addition to writing on a vast variety of business-related subjects, she has written extensively on topics related to health, wellness, and mental health. Her goal in all her writing is to provide clear, accurate information that readers can learn from and use in practical ways to improve their lives.

“My Philosophy on Mental Health & Wellness”  – Mental health and wellness are important to every person, no matter where they come from, where they’re going, or where they are in their lives. Resolving mental health issues have been important in my own life. The more I research mental health subjects, the more I understand a key element of staying mentally healthy. That is, understanding yourself better and learning how to deal with the mental health problems you encounter is the best way to live a fuller, happier, more productive life. As I write mental health articles, I always seek to guide others toward a better path to mental wellness

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