Nursing as a profession can be very demanding at times. Let’s face it, we were trained to hurdle such challenges bit by bit since we stepped into a calling of selfless endeavor. We were tested almost every day of our stamina and knowledge in how to deal with different types of people. We are equipped to be competent in the delivery of nursing care in out most quality.

Take a sigh for a minute. We all need to take a break from all the fast changing hospital and community life Nurse-yoga-in-beachas nurses. Yes, we need it, even a little pure oxygen in order to replenish our minds and outlook in life to avoid the dreaded word – burn out.

Nurses not only on special areas are prone to stressors – difficult patients, difficult folks, demanding doctors and even co-workers who are also dealing with their stress in a myriad of ways. So how can we deal those things with grace and composure? Well, there are lots of options to consider at, from taking a day off, spending time out from the usual hospital work or simply taking a long deep sleep as compensation for endless graveyard shifts deprived of a restful sleep.

How at ease we are with ourselves can influence how we provide care with our patients. Since then when I was working in an emergency room, I am always bombarded with different situations which entail a lot of decision making from how to improve health to alleviate pain and suffering to those who are dying. These factors made my composure and decision-making somewhat contrary to what is expected, so in order to prevent such I must have ways to cope with the everyday encounter in this intense critical facility.

I know many of other nurses might have opted into yoga but let me tell you more about this.

Yoga as a practice has its roots from the religion of Hinduism but right now, you don’t necessarily need to be a Hindu in order to practice yoga. Yoga has been classified to be an alternative way to approach a healthy lifestyle. It has a goal that leads a person to achieve a higher level of peace and harmony despite the outer world’s noise.

Practicing yoga brings a lot of benefits to once health. A person can achieve inner peace in such a way that it transcends to helping other people. It involves deep breathing exercises that may enhance the oxygen needs of the brain. For instance, a patient may come into the facility very anxious, a nurse who have had practiced yoga may be able to help that patient by guiding him or her into deep breathing until such time the patient achieves a sense of control of what is making him or her anxious. Women in labor may also find this beneficial in lessening their pain during the final moments before giving birth.

Does yoga entails a nurse to be very flexible? Actually no, the range of motion actually depends on the body type and the capability of the person. Certified instructors are trained not to strain the learners but rather learn how to use their range of motion in order to achieve different positions with adequate oxygen circulating their body through deep breathing.

Just a word of caution before entering such practice, learning it from a yoga instructor would be more advisable than learning it by your own. There are certain things that need proper supervision to perform it properly. Being a blessing to others is attainable if you yourself have an inner peace with you plus choosing the right kind of diet and healthy practices with that positive outlook in life would result to a holistic angel in the sick room.


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