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The virus that has been plaguing Wuhan, China and has been slowly infecting 28 more countries worldwide just had its official name: COVID 19. As of date, there are almost 45,000 infected in mainland China, and daily deaths have been continuously recorded. There are a lot of questions that have to be answered, slowly the WHO organization and other countries expedite the vaccine for the prevention of such disease. Reports say that the vaccine will be ready in 8 months, till then, all we have to do is to protect ourselves by knowing the basics and debunk myths related to the virus. Here are the 14 most common myths that should be answered:

14 Coronavirus myths

1. Can the Virus be medically treated with specific medications?

medicine myth ncov2019

Not yet. The 2019 nCoV is relatively new, and there is still no specific medication that can treat the virus directly. This means it is like other viruses that are self-limiting. This does not mean that those that receive the treatment do not need special or appropriate care. Doctors usually treat the symptoms to keep the patient comfortable. The immune system is also supported by proper hydration and nutrition. There are specific treatments that are under investigation and are still for clinical trials in the future. The WHO organization and the local authorities funded by governments are helping to get fast results.


2. Can Doctors Prescribe antibiotics in the treatment of nCoV?

antibiotics mythbuster

No. Viruses do not respond to antibiotics. Antibiotics are only effective with bacteria. Antibiotics are also not effective when used as a prevention method. Though, some patients receive antibiotics not as a viral treatment but as treatment with secondary infections that may cause several similar symptoms as that of the virus.


3. Are the young ones and the old ones more susceptible?

old and young mythbuster

No matter what age you are, you can be infected with the virus (2019 nCoV). Older people though with a preexisting medical condition have a higher susceptibility to the virus. Especially those with conditions like diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular diseases, and respiratory diseases. There are countless middle-aged men and women infected but there are also several confirmed cases in children, especially below 2 years old in China. This means that age is not a determinant of susceptibility. The World Health Organization firmly advise men and women of all ages to practice precaution and perform protection by doing proper hand hygiene including good respiratory hygiene.


4. Does Sesame oil helps in Blocking the Virus?

sesame oil mythbuster

No. Sesame oil serves no purpose in eradicating or even weaken the virulence of nCoV. There are proven methods though that can kill the virus, this includes the use of surface disinfectants like bleach and chlorine-based solutions. Alcohol with 70 to 75 percent concentration can also help when used as hand rub or surface disinfectant.


5. Can Garlic consumption make a difference?

garlic mythbuster

Some say that garlic has potent antibiotic property, however, this is not fully understood yet. There is also no evidence that during this outbreak, patients who consume more garlic have different or better outcomes. Though garlic is considered nutritious and useful.


6. If I gargle mouthwash almost all the time, will that protect me from the nCov?

mythbuster mouthwash corona

No. To ensure that certain claims are valid and true, it must be evidence-based. Sadly, mouthwash is not backed up with evidence as of this time. There are brands and concentrations though that can help in one way or another in eliminating superficial bacteria in the mouth, giving you fresh breath all day. This does not mean though that you are protected from the Novel virus.


7. Can irrigating my nose with the use of SALINE solution help in eliminating the virus?

nose saline mythbuster

No. As mentioned in the latter statement, there should be solid evidence to accept a certain theory. Irrigating your nose may give you clear sinuses and better breathing but it is not effective on eliminating the virus when attached to your nasal mucosa. There are several claims though that saline flushing can alleviate the symptoms of the common cold, this does not mean it can correct respiratory infections.


8. Can I get a shot of Pneumonia Vaccine for protection from nCoV?

ncov vaccine

No. Pneumococcal vaccines such as Pneumonia and Influenza and any other vaccines available in the market right now does not provide direct protection form nCoV. The only recommended teaching to get enough rest, plenty of water for hydration and good nutrition. NCov is too novel or new for researchers to produce an immediate vaccine for it. Even if a vaccine is already created for the virus, the manufacturers will have the hardest time in trying to supply half a dozen countries that are positive with the coronavirus.


9. Can my pet dog or cat acquire and spread the virus at home?

mythbuster corona pet

There are no reported cases of cats nor dogs infected with the virus and the transmission of which from the pets to humans or vise versa.
Though proper practice in hand hygiene and can go a long way in preventing this from happening.


10. Will I get infected if I receive a package from Wuhan?

mythbuster corona virus

No. People who are receiving and sending packages have no risk at all in getting infected with the nCoV. The virus does not last long on surfaces like envelopes and packages. This is according to their latest analysis. Any changes in the analysis can be managed still by hand hygiene.


11. Will I get disinfected if someone sprays alcohol all over my body?

corona virus mythbusters

No. Disinfectants are effective on surfaces but not on infections that are already inside the body. Some cities practice spraying alcohol to all passengers that routes are definitive for the coronavirus. This can irritate human sinuses and mucous membranes aside from form, it can ruin your outfit of the day.


12. Are the thermal scanners I am seeing on TV are effective?

thermal scanner mythbuster

Yes. The gadget captures real time temperature of clients. Though this gadget cannot detect a person who is specifically infected with the virus. The gadget can identify early symptoms such as temperature level, which is indicative of common flu and the coronavirus. But it should be noted that the person is infected even without symptoms, according to the World Health Organization, it would take 2 to 10 days before people show febrile symptoms when they become infected.


13. Can UV lamps be effective in the eradication of the Virus?

mythbuster uv lamp

UV lamps should never be used in disinfecting the skin, it can cause severe irritation than may be harmful. Simple hand washing that lasts for at least 20 seconds can help in preventing the spread of the virus as well as cough etiquette.


14. Can Hand dryers remove the virus on my skin surface?

mythbuster handdryer

No. any sort of drying equipment does not help at all, that includes hand dryers. Washing hands with soap and water is still the single most effective way of preventing disease transmission. Once hands are washed and cleaned, using hand towels or tissue to dry is enough.


Knowing more is an advantage to anyone in these dire days. Up to date, there are already more than 1000 deaths recorded in China because of the Novel Coronavirus. The country is in a struggle, but they have been consistent on one thing, and that is their preparedness. Knowing the myths from the truth will not only prepare you but give you that control over your daily life.


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