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HAAD Exam:What it is really all about

You will be surprised to see tarpaulins by review centers anywhere nowadays offering HAAD nurse examination. Nurses who want to go abroad tend to have different sets of examinations prior to qualification. Such examinations we are familiar with are IELTs, TOEFL, CGFNS and NCLEX.  But how about HAAD, what does it really mean and what it is all about?

What is HAAD?

            HAAD or Healthcare Authority Abu Dhabi is the framework and the regulatory body of the Healthcare Sector in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. It ensures excellence in the health system through monitoring and analysing health status of the community, inspects regulation and enforcing the standards in health, and adopts world- class best practices and performance targets by all healthcare service providers in the Emirate. It also implements programs to increase awareness and adoption of healthy living standards of its residents.

            It has vision, mission, and values that direct its purpose in the community, which is to provide world- class and excellent healthcare services through following the international standards. It is bound to examine all healthcare service providers to ensure that they are well equipped and competent to provide safe practices.

            It has developed its Professional Qualification Requirement (PQR) formerly known as the Personnel Qualification Requirement, which is the reference to standardize the licensing of health professionals. This includes two basic components: academic degrees and professional experience. For nurses, there are several requirements for specific positions but according to their PQR for a registered nurse to be qualified, you need to have a bachelor degree, valid national license, at least a BLS training certificate, and at least 2 years of clinical experience.

What is HAAD Examination?

            Healthcare Authority Abu Dhabi Examination is a prerequisite today to be undergone by all those who wanted to work in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. It is used to ensure that all licensed healthcare service providers are competent and safe to practice in the independent settings. The examination includes written, oral, practical, objective structured clinical examination (OSCE), and computer based testing (CBT).

            Professionals can apply to HAAD examination even prior to seeking a job. In order to apply, the applicant can visit the website, http://www.haad.ae and check for the PQR and eligibility criteria. Applicants are advised to follow the instructions to create an account with the DataFlow website, http://www.dataflowgroup.com/HAAD/login.aspx because only online applications are accepted. Requirements needed for application are presented in the website. Fees, schedule of examination, venue, and all the how- tos are also available on the website given above.

As prices may also change in the future, here is the projected payment for the tests which is actually divided according to the test parts. With focus on the Nursing Profession, nurses are expected to prepare the following fees:

Specialization Written Structured Oral Practical OSCE
Registered Nurse

 *270.44(73.57 US$)

Practical Nurse

 *270.44(73.57 US$)

School Nurse

 *270.44(73.57 US$)


Specialty Nurse

 *270.44(73.57 US$)


According to the present guidelines, the payment for examination will be the stated fees payable directly to Pearson Vue, while the 50 AED will be paid to the HAAD Finance Department.

            There are many agencies in the Philippines who cater professional nurses to HAAD examination. But in order for you to know about Healthcare Authority Abu Dhabi examination, it is advised to read carefully all the mandated needed requirements and instructions, bear in mind that HAAD examination is already an important criteria.





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