There are so many things that could go wrong in a shift but there are just stand-outs which most nurses in the hospital could relate to. So I’ve jotted several mishaps that nurses experienced from different hospitals and narrowed them down to the most common and relatable incidents.

1. When the hospitalist/resident-on-duty is unapproachable, sarcastic, and it’s just not easy to refer what is happening to your patient. Worst, the doctor just don’t respond or answer your calls because they’re not into hearing out the patient’s concerns.

2. When all the blame is pointed against nurses. When the room is unclean, it’s the nurse’s fault. When the water system is down, it’s the nurse’s fault. When the garbage bin has not been emptied, again it will always be the nurse’s fault.

3. When you have been going inside and out a patient’s room, and then his/her results are infectious—worst, airborne!memes pen

4. When you have 3 pens at the beginning of the shift and end up with none during endorsements.

5. When you are assigned to other stations and you don’t even know the routine of that station.

6. When you came in early and when it’s time to endorse the incoming nurse is late.

7. When your patient is not sedated, when it is supposed to be. 🙂

8. When your patient keeps insisting to go to the bathroom even he/she has a catheter.

9. When you just arrived at the hospital and the station is a mess.

10. When you got bloodstains, secretions, or puke on your uniform during the shift. (For sure, it keeps bothering you)memes understaffed

11. When the unit is understaffed and you have to do all the work like you have ten hands.

12. When you are tasked to make an incident report because you’ve accidentally witnessed an event that you are not even involved in.

13. When the supervisor informed you on short notice of the change of schedule.

14. When your patients don’t have available supplies, equipment, or medicines, and you just don’t know how to administer the standing orders.

15. When the attending physician had not made rounds yet and the patient keeps asking when he/she will going to arrive.

16. When your patient keeps using the call bell every five seconds and you just want to destroy the system so you don’t have to hear the alarm again.nurses quotes

17. When the folks or the significant others are more demanding than the patient.

18. When at the start of the shift, you have a huge wave of admissions coming… and they just keep coming… until you are drowned with paper works and physician’s orders.

19. When the patient is intubated and the secretions are endless… and at the end of the shift you just want to have a chlorhexidine bath and fumigate yourself.

20. When the patient’s folk is a nurse and keeps instructing you of what you should ideally be doing.

21. When the supervisor or the director of nursing made rounds and your station is in chaos.

22. When a physician gives his/her orders every three seconds and you just don’t know if you have even spare time to breathe.

23. When your patient’s IV line is out and you have to search for hours to find the most treasured vein.

24. When your computer system is down and you have to do things manually.

25. When your patient keeps on pulling out his/her contraptions and tries to go out of bed even when he/she should be on bed rest. (Basically, you know that at this point, your professional license is at risk.)

We can never expect a perfect shift. The only predictable about nursing is unpredictability. So whether you like it or you hate it, you just have to deal with it, because you’re a nurse.

So, what are the things you just don’t want to happen while in your duty? Share your experiences to the comment box below.



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