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What makes Nurses Great Wives and Husbands

It is pretty much obvious that nurses are supposed to be caring, understanding, and patient, every single article online would tell you the same thing why nurses are best partners. These are only characteristics that well, your mother will always have, but when you talk about marrying a nurse, it’s a whole new world out there. Trust me, I am a nurse married to an engineer, and it just seemed like he won the lottery already.

We are not going to be talking about common characteristics here that you would want your perfect wife or husband should be, like— caring, loving, compassionate, goal-oriented not to mention good looking. Let me give you what you are going to be getting into when you have a nurse as your forever partner.

If You Get Hurt, You’re In Good Hands

Imagine this, a single nurse can take care of at least 5 terminally ill patients all attached to sophisticated machines, with vitals monitored every 5 minutes, and after a few months, these ill patients will start walking again and live their lives just like before, well, in most cases. The point is, a nurse is critical minded small things or big things will not disturb their inner peace, they always know what to do. So if you get a bit of LBM or toothache or a heart attack, trust me, you won’t die when you have a nurse beside you.

This applies to every single member of the family, a neonate to the eldest member of your family. A doctor might still be out of hand what to do exactly in a moment’s notice because they need all the machines and medicines that they are trained with, but nurses are trained to do non-medical interventions without waiting for a doctor to come in and treat it. Nurses are pretty good improvising and are deadly smart as well.

Your Ultimate Health Insurance For Free

As nurses, this may not be really written in our code of ethics or anything like that, but if someone in the family is admitted, that family member will always get free professional fees from the doctor, more than 50 percent off the hospital charges, and you get the best care from the fellow nurses in the field as well. We, nurses, are always behind each other, we are like brothers and sisters, we take care of each other all the time.

We Know Who Does it Best

Getting sick and getting admitted does not only mean stress and money. It also means getting into the doctor, making sure that they are doing the best they can for you. When you are with a nurse, they know who exactly to refer to your care, because they know who works well and provides the best interventions. They know which doctor doesn’t care much, and they know which ones take their jobs seriously. Just like what is always said, you are always in good hands.

We have Patience as Towering as Mt. Everest

If you are a working nurse, and innately not that patient, literally you do not have any choice at all, and somehow while working, our patience gene is revised. Since we don’t really have much choice but to be painfully patient to our clients, we become innately patient already, even though some are not genetically.

Quadruplets? No Problem. 

Imagine taking care of 10 crying babies in the nursery, and you have to feed, bathe, and get them to sleep. Some parents may say that its impossible, trust me, if your spouse is a nurse, she will still get up every morning as if nothing horrific happened last night. Time and shifting is never a problem with us. The more action, the better.

Less trips to the Doctor

Nurses have the strongest inner peace and efficiency, nothing small or big when it comes to health will startle us. We know when exactly you need to go to a doctor, and most of the time, it is when you already need a prescription drug. That does not just save you more money, it will also give you priceless peace of mind.

Stressed Out? Nurses Can Calm You Down

Nurses face stress all the time, we know how to calm a patient down without morphine or panadol at hand. If stress is a problem, we are experts in that, if we can manage our own stress, we can definitely manage yours as well. Not to mention, we have a specialty in massage and non-medical therapy as well. You have a wife and a massage therapist at hand. Our touch can calm down the most fierce nerves.

On the Spot Cleanliness

Nurses have robotic visions when it comes to bacterial invasions and infections, we are obsessed with cleanliness but we know the boundaries. You would really know a nurse the moment how a person washes his or her hands. Expect going home in a wrinkle-free bed ready for you every time.  We have intricate detailed skills when it comes to bed making.

Con: They can tell When you’re Lying

This may be the only Con this whole article have. Nurses have this skill to actually know whether you are telling the truth or not just by the sound of your voice and the small fidgety things that you do. We appreciate you telling the truth all the time. Trust me, we are already genetically patient. Imagine how nurses and doctors work together as well to rule out what is really bothering you, we do investigative stuff, so don’t bother lying.

After even writing this article, I felt I should have married a nurse myself, but nurses are also very humanitarian, so if you are a nurse, consider marrying someone with a different profession, it’s going to be unfair for them if two nurses marry.


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