Thursday, October 21, 2021
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Nursing Humor

With days that they feel like superheroes when saving lives, there are also days for fun & humor. Read this hilarious compilation of silly memories.

15 Shocking Things Nurses Discover on Duty

The nursing profession will never fail to surprise us. Even though how much we emotionally and physically prepare ourselves for duty, there will always...

15 Startling Things You Never Want to Happen on Duty

When you thought everything will be just fine, and it’s almost the end of your shift when, unfortunately, 10 minutes before endorsement, something crazy...

Why You Should Not Underestimated A Nurse

Compared with the other professions out there, nurses can do some jobs that others cannot do. Although a lot of professions may admit that...

Nurse’s Post – Duty Syndrome

Admit it. Even after work you still talk, walk, and act like a nurse. Though sometimes, you try to avoid or deny it, but...

10 Things to Never Say to a Nurse

Let's face it: Nursing is a job that requires a powerful gut that can withstand the most disgusting, most stomach-crunching, most out-of-this-world scenarios. Nurses...