Nurses need their daily dose of inspiration too. Just like athletes, before winning, they would always get the most exceptional support that fuels their drive to win. Nurses also need to be fuelled, by not only energy to do the job well, but be inspired along the way. With all the tasks that nurses have to face every day—from technical stuff, to life-saving emergencies, to back-breaking patient care a little bit of inspiring words would go a very long way.

You might have taken nursing because you know you are a lifesaver, and it is one of the most financially rewarding jobs because you know that every day that you go to work, someone feels better. Now, it is time that you should be feeling better as well no matter where you are, here are some quotes that might help in one way or another fuel your heart with a great love for our profession.


We see people at work at their lowest point, might be physically or emotionally, and this makes us very significant, not only in their survival but also their growth. Along the way, sometimes, our lives are even changed because we feel their struggle, so it sharpens our emotions as well as our skills, and sometimes in rare cases, it can touch our lives as well.
Nurses are definitely angels in white without halo nor wings, but just like angels, we never run out of energy, making sure that you are safe.

Doctors and other health professionals cannot function well without nurses, for nurses, before and after any operation, the monitoring is as important as the operation itself.
Nurses are the only qualified professionals to perform the majority of health care tasks. If healthcare is the body, nurses are definitely the heart that keeps the body well fuelled.
You can never do nursing if you cannot commit and devote yourself to the job. Obedience is actually our middle name.
Nurses are everyday heroes far more exciting than capes and superpowers.
Angels are known to be guardians; there is no other word that best describes this job as guardians.
One thing that nurses are really good at is getting to work with a heart that is whole no matter how broken it is outside, for patients need us whole all the time.
Caring is the most crucial part of a nurse’s job, but we also do paperwork pretty well, as we need to record everything that is done for you.
One of our training is the non-medical interventions that are as effective as most of the medical interventions done to patients; this makes us perfect mothers for all the patients.
Nursing is not a job nor a responsibility, nor just a means for us to survive. Nursing is a privilege that we are called for in the service. We make the most difference because we handle the most important commodity—life.
We, nurses, work pretty well, we also live very well, because we know the value of living and what it is all about.
Nurses does not receive a heroes’ medal, nor a raise every time a life is saved. We are silent heroes, and we know all the great things small or big are listed above.
nurse sick patient
The simplest things that we do to patients might mean so much comfort to them that they will never forget us as long as they are living or even the afterlife.
People come to us because of pain and discomfort, we face it every day and take care of it even though we are pained ourselves, and we do take care of it pretty well. We see pain everywhere; the best part though, is that as nurses, we do not just have the power to reverse pain but also to make patients understand why there is pain.

We may have many reasons why we are doing what we are doing in the first place, so as a nurse what is your reason? Sometimes, tough times make us forget that we have chosen nursing in the first place as a career. We are athletes of life, health care is our training, not so many people might actually see our worth, or might only see it when they need us already, but you as a nurse deserve all great things in life. These quotes will remind you of your worth, share this with your fellow nurses as well, they need fuel too in order to love their jobs more.


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