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Go to nursing school people said, it would be fun they said. That’s what you thought until you enroll to nursing school. And you’ll realize life is not a piece of cake, but a piece of poop inside a patient’s diaper.

Well, I think our expectation versus reality will never be the same.

1. Expectation: You and your group goes to an overnight for a research work
    Reality: Ended up working alone while everybody is sleeping or watching a movie.

2. Expectation: You’re oozing with confidence before the research defense
    Reality: And stutters to explain when you’re in front of the panel

3. Expectation: Your clinical instructor believes you can recite and classify the medications of your patient while you’re in simulation duty.    
    Reality: Problem is… you don’t know anything about these drugs.

4. Expectation: You try your best to get a grade of A   
    Reality: still got 75 as the final score

5. Expectation: You keep your shoes as white as possible
    Reality: Ended up with a dirty one on just a few hours of duty.

6. Expectation: Alarms at 5 AM in the morning to prepare early
    Reality: Snoozes the alarm 5 times and ended up late in class.

7. Expectation: You ask your mom and dad to buy those impenetrable and concentrated books of medical-surgical nursing, fundamental of nursing, physical assessment, and all other kinds of gigantic books so you can study well.
    Reality: You left them in the corner of your room to collect dust.

8. Expectation: You finally formulated the best and perfect nursing care plan ever!
    Reality: Until your clinical instructor checked and saw a million mistakes.

9. Expectation: You memorize the step by step procedure written in the fundamental of nursing before the return demonstrations
    Reality: Forget everything you memorized when you’re in front of your clinical instructor

10. Expectation: You promise to wake up early so you can’t miss your simulation duties
      Reality: Ended up with more make-up duties because you’re late again.

11. Expectation: Dreams about fully participating in class to increase your score in participation
      Reality: but your teacher caught you sleeping

12. Expectation: Planned to go out and party on weekends
      Reality: but have to stay because you have requirements to do

13. Expectation: You passed an exam
      Reality: and there are 5 more to go

14. Expectation: At the end of the day, you miss your bed and you’re looking forward to sleep
      Reality: but you can’t just yet because you have many assignments to do.

15. Expectation: When you think your answers are all correct
      Reality: but still everything went wrong.

16. Expectation: You have 10 assigned readings, and you scheduled to study them each night
      Reality: Ended up reading nothing

A student nurse’s life was easy, said no nurse ever. So, cheers to those nurses who survived nursing school! And cheer-up nursing students who are still studying. You are never alone.

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Rina Malones is currently working as a critical care/acute stroke nurse. Besides from blogging, she's also studying International Health at University of the Philippines Open University.


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