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Ten Reasons Why Nurses are loved by All 7 Billion People in the World

1. We don’t care about your past (except for your health history!). You come to us and we will take care of you. We don’t label you with your mental illness, fetish, sexuality, or even mental capacity. We actually call you by your name or our nickname for you…and with a greeting or a warm smile.

2. We ask about your day and your food simply because we actually care. If we decide to ignore you, then we would. We can go inject your antibiotics without explaining or answer your questions with our backs facing at you. But we choose the opposite because we believe in the essence of caring and the little wonders it can do to people.

3. If you are a nurse, you’re automatically smart, nice, kind, attractive, and warm!

4. We can tell a lot about yourself by just reading your body language. We would know if you really want to be alone or secretly want someone who will listen. We can tell if you like us or if you’re in pain or if you are lying. Thus, we know how to deal with you, what to offer, and when to retreat.

5. Just our presence can make you feel calm and secured.

6. There’s not a better feeling than having someone to ask questions about your health when the doctor is being grumpy or unavailable. We make it a point to spend some time to let you understand your treatment plan.

7. We understand how difficult and painful it is to give birth. We understand how moving can be quite of a task as you age. We assure you that it is okay to cry. Simply put, we don’t cringe at you showing us your weaknesses. We love you for letting us witness that: the joys and pains of a beautiful human being.

8. We see to it that you are holistically prepared before your first-ever operation! As much as possible, we want it to be a positive experience for you. We are always at the station waiting and praying for you. Just don’t mind the dark circles under our eyes.

9. We exert an effort to know you as a person, not as a client seeking for medical help. We appreciate you sharing your life stories, insecurities, views, dreams, and worries. We are here for those.

10. We never really grow old. We are fun-loving and can be an excellent playmate for your kids. We can cook really nice and nutritious meals too.


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