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7 Types Of Nursing Personalities – Where Do You See Yourself ?

types of nursing personalities

Ever thought of the millions, and millions more of all the Nursing staffs expanding around every corner of the hospital or clinic, and out of all these Nurses they seem to had a rather very conflicting types of personalities?! Are you looking for someone who has a certain type of personality wherein you see yourself in him/her in so many aspects? Well, for you who’ve wondered how Nurses behave or how the personality of Nurse Amy differs from that of Nurse Alex, and how this Nurse Jaime, who seemed to stay in one spot managed to make it look like his 16-hr extended duty seemed so smooth and it’s as if nothing had happened after attending to 8 codes and endless buzzes of the patient’s families. Worry not about that, we got you covered.

In this article, we will discuss the unique, right-to-the-bone personalities of every nurse that you can find in the workplace. Yes, I will tell you every single one of them, so that you know where to classify your teammate who’s always gone in the holy hours, but like a spur or a mushroom, instantly pops back in when the head of the department arrives or when there is “random” checking. So, without further ado, BEHOLD! The 7 Types of Nursing Personalities in the Sick Room.

Here are the 7 Types of Nursing Personalities


  1. The Hammock


The Hammock is that dude or gal over there, who arrives when you feel like you are in a warzone of toxicity and when you see him/her, you just feel very relieved because you know that this nurse got this! Like, they have that ability to make you feel like, all these toxic patients are going to be alright for some reason because they are there. These nurses are those that never break under pressure. It’s like when all hell loose, they got the ICE ready to make everything a sweat-less shift. These are the people who are toxic-proof. They might or might not smile but you always know that they are fresh all day every day.


  1. The Poison


These are the total opposite of the Hammocks. These nurses are those that out of whatever reason you have, you just don’t like to be with him/her. For some reason you just don’t feel comfortable being around her – worse is that, they become your shift buddy by your inglorious charge nurse. Nothing can be worse than that. Within this group also are those who just kills you with their personality, it just doesn’t jive with yours, and it’s not only you who notices it, it’s a lot of you around your team who also noticed it. But these nurses are inevitable in the work field. They will always be around, and all you can do is to hope and pray that you are not in the same schedule with them.


  1. The Lightning

human lightning

Oh, gals and guys, now these! These nurses are heavenly! They are the one that has the ability to do things even before you say or thought about it. Lucky is the person who gets to be with these nurses, and the charge nurses who are with these pips wears a very big smile on their faces. Let me give you a blink of their talent… “Uhm, can you please help me with…” “done.” It’s that fast! You didn’t even know what or how he did it but when you verified (because nurses are always the skeptical one), voila! It was really done, and was done well. These are the nurses gifted with the power to bend time, they should be named Nurse Strange.


  1. The Sleeping Beauty

sleeping beauty

Now, these people, on the other hand, are those who are in constant disarray between their home and their workplace. They might have some wrong rewiring in their neurons that led them into deciding one day that patient beds are their havens to just lay and rest, and God knows what they do outside the shift. These nurses are unforgiving, it doesn’t matter what it is, for as long as they feel it’s comfortable, they will lay their heads in it and just sleep their shifts away. These guys don’t care about how toxic your shift is, he’s gonna get his nap time no matter what! You better hold tight to your patience because if not, then you might lose your cool with these guys, and they’ll just sleep it away.


  1. The Einsteins and the Hawkings


These geniuses are, well… Geniuses. You just know that one day these people will not be around you for long, you just have that gut feeling that one day they will be the one who visits your area as one of the high-ranking admins in your hospital, yes, put them in this category. These nurses know almost all the things that you ask them, lab results, protocols, how many red blood cells are inside your body, the pathognomonic sign of the rarest medical case that you didn’t even know existed – those kinds of things. When these people are around, they instantly become the walking google.com. He is that Mayo Clinic or that Brunner & Suddarth and at the same time the Nursing Drug Reference. They are the heavenly voice that when they open their mouths to give corrections, NO ONE DARES TO DEFY – for they are the enlightened ones. Like that weird VIKI (Virtual Interactive Kinetic Intelligence) in iRobot movie, their logic is undeniable.


  1. Grim Reapers

grin reaper

Well, these are the nurses, that just, when you make a correlational research regarding patient death and these people, you’ll have a very interesting result. I wonder why no one does that. Maybe because of the thought that people want to keep this a “myth” or “just a coincidence”. To make my point, we nurses know best. We know that somewhere around the workplace, if not in your department then in other wards, are the infamous grim reaper. These are the nurses who arrive in the shift with a scythe and a shroud around their uniforms and behind their beautiful smiles are the hands of death itself that only the 3rd eyes of nurses see. These people give a perceived expectation that something really really bad will eventually happen, and if there’s an unlucky patient that was endorsed as “critical” or “close monitoring” to his/her team, the other nurses would never hand it to her; but no matter how they keep this nurse from that toxic patient, somehow, the patient just didn’t make it on the next shift. Are there really such nurses as they are, do you know someone who you can put in this category? Only nurses know.


  1. The Boss-man/woman

businessman boss

Last but not the least of all these types of personalities, are the Boss-men/women. Well, these are the few breeds of nurses, that are just born to lead its troops to war. They are those nurses, who are not Heads of the department because of lack of years in experience or because other heads are envious of him/her. These people are not the smartest, not the fastest, but the most resourceful, most cunning, and just does things with pure wit. This is the person who you naturally follow, he/she utilizes his team to work in perfect unison. When they are charged, they know how to delegate workload, sometimes they delegate better than the department head.

These are those who does not shrink when around department heads or supervisors. They have that feeling that they are in their level of power. That’s how the other nurses feel about them too. They are the best example of the phrase “leaders are found in every team”. These are them! They are those leaders who have the same title as you are, they are RNs but they have a doctorate degree in leadership. They know what to say to motivate you, they know what to do to make your shift easier. That poison nurse that you never liked; the boss finds a way to somehow create a smooth shift around you. They are those who always speak with the family or talk to the doctor because they have that perfect balance of knowledge (that he/she gathered from the Einsteins/Hawkings) and people-skills that is embedded in his personality.

Alright! So, there you go, these are the nurses that you often bump yourself into. Do you think there are more special types of nurses that you can add? Are you in one of these categories or you are the hidden, mysterious, undiscovered one? If you are, or if you know someone who has a unique quality that deserves a spotlight, then please drop it here and let people know!! We’ll be happy to know them.

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