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5 Things a New Nurse Should Think of Getting

A new nurse might be well-equipped with academic prowess and the zest for life that is paralleled only by a child but she might not be knowledgeable and street smart enough for the real world outside her beloved alma mater.

Ask her what she would do after graduation and she might say she’ll look for a job right away. Okay fire away or she might say she wants to rest for a month or so because she just survived College. Nonetheless, she might as well welcome good suggestions from people ahead of her.

And here are such suggestions: 5 things you, a new nurse, could try facilitating after passing the board exam.

1. A Tax Identification Number was the first thing many of my classmates processed after passing the board exam. I didn’t understand it then but later on, I realized how frequently your TIN Number is required in many business transactions. The purpose of the TIN is to identify entities for tax-related purposes as filing tax returns and opening a bank account.
Plus, your TIN could add to your PRC ID as another valid identification used in any transactions requiring two IDs. The school ID is usually not considered valid.

2. You might still have an extra copy of this but your NSO Birth Certificate is another document to always have in your file. Whether you want to apply for a job, immigrate or pursue further studies, your NSO Birth Certificate is usually required. Requesting for your CENOMAR (Certificate of No Marriage) for singles or Marriage Certificate for married people is not a bad idea either. These documents have no expiration so it’s okay to get them anytime. Plus, it’s also good to request for more than one copy. The whole process can usually be finished in a matter of one day. The National Statistics Office has devised a fast and organized system.

3. Don’t forget your school documents. You may have your birth certificate but if you don’t have your Transcript of Record and Record of RLE, you’re still missing major documents. Releasing time for these documents depend on the school. In some, it takes about 3 days while for others it might take as long as 2 weeks. It’s good to know how long it usually takes in your school so you can match it with your personal plans. Other schools allow speed up processing while others are rock solid about their policies.

4. Health Insurance (i.e. PHILHEALTH). Like it or not, you’re an adult now and you’ve long since lost the status of being your parents’ dependent. Unless with special consideration, children under 18 are the only ones considered as their parents’ dependents. So even if your mom and dad/nanay or tatay have health insurance, they most likely don’t cover you. PHILHEALTH monthly rates are P200.00 per month for individually paying. But if you find work asap, they might pay for it as part of your compensation. You may think you’re still young in healthy, but always it’s wise to lean on the safe side in terms of Health. PHILHEALTH already offers comprehensive health insurance but if you’d like to add a separate Accident Insurance, many companies also offer that.

5. Life Insurance. I’m not an expert but a life plan would be a good idea unless you plan to migrate. Getting a life plan may sound far-fetch but it reflects long-term thinking. Contrary to the young’s belief, Life Insurances aren’t just for adults from 30 somethings and above because starting young is actually beneficial to you in the long run. The earlier you start your contributions, the more you can harvest someday.

There are more documents you could process. I did not include the passport and NBI Clearance because the former expires by 5 years and the latter by 1 year only. So, unless you have clear plans and definite purposes for them, they can wait.


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