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Learn the dos and don’ts in applying for a nursing job. Stay abreast of how you could get qualified to acquire certain promotions or in considering other roles


Getting Into a Hospital without Working Experience

We're still discussing about job applications and today, let me describe how you can become a desirable candidate even without a previous hospital working...
Critical Care Nurses

Critical Care Nursing – Sought After Nursing Job In and Out of the Philippines

Nursing is a one-off, exceptional career that does not only offer you a promising future but also gives you a chance to build and...

Great Business Ideas for Nurses

Nurses, unlike what other people customarily know, are not only confined into working in hospitals or clinics. As a nurse, just like any other...

Different Types of Working Opportunities for Nurses

Nurses can work in different fields aside from the hospital. There are many opportunities waiting for you out there, you just have to find...

5 Things a New Nurse Should Think of Getting

A new nurse might be well-equipped with academic prowess and the zest for life that is paralleled only by a child but she might...

Switzerland possible entry for Pinoy nurses

The government officials of the Philippines in Switzerland are working with Swiss government with the possible entry of Pinoy nurses as trainees. Ambassador of Philippines...
north america final job

North America Needs Nurses

North America is in need of nurses, this was posted just July 7,2015. The agency Health Carousel Phils., Inc is a SEC registered corporation...

Nursing Opportunities in Germany

Germany, a country that is situated in Europe brought very good news to the Philippines. An executive of the Goethe-Institut Philippines has issued a...

Ireland Opens Job Opportunities for Filipino Nurses

Ireland is in need of qualified nurses to fill up vacant positions in Health Service Executive and home care based on the report of...

How Much Does a Registered Nurse Make?

On the list of things expected to be discussed and compared by nurses and soon-to-be registered nurses (RNs) are the salary rates. Being one...
job opportunities for nurses

Top 10 in Demand Jobs for Ex -Nurses

There was a decrease in the Employment Rate in the Philippines estimated 93.4 % compared to 94.3% of last years according to the Philippine...
Pinoy-Nurse-Juan- tribute filipino nurse

Why Should I Hire You Nurse Juan? A Tribute for Filipino Nurses Abroad

Through time, the trend of nursing profession was commercialized through its great opportunities abroad and its deafening high pay for specialized nurses. Meanwhile, nursing...