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Learn the dos and don’ts in applying for a nursing job. Stay abreast of how you could get qualified to acquire certain promotions or in considering other roles

Critical Care Nurses

Critical Care Nursing – Sought After Nursing Job In and Out of the Philippines

Nursing is a one-off, exceptional career that does not only offer you a promising future but also gives you a chance to build and...

Great Business Ideas for Nurses

Nurses, unlike what other people customarily know, are not only confined into working in hospitals or clinics. As a nurse, just like any other...

5 Things a New Nurse Should Think of Getting

A new nurse might be well-equipped with academic prowess and the zest for life that is paralleled only by a child but she might...

How Much Does a Registered Nurse Make?

On the list of things expected to be discussed and compared by nurses and soon-to-be registered nurses (RNs) are the salary rates. Being one...
job opportunities for nurses

Top 10 in Demand Jobs for Ex -Nurses

There was a decrease in the Employment Rate in the Philippines estimated 93.4 % compared to 94.3% of last years according to the Philippine...
Pinoy-Nurse-Juan- tribute filipino nurse

Why Should I Hire You Nurse Juan? A Tribute for Filipino Nurses Abroad

Through time, the trend of the nursing profession was commercialized through its great opportunities abroad and its deafening high pay for specialized nurses. Meanwhile,...

Job Hunting Tips for Nurses

Finding work is not an easy requirement or task that you could just Google or surf in a search engine. It comes with a...
top five websites Filipino-nurses

Top Five Job Search Websites for Filipino Nurses

With competition for employment opportunities getting  stiffer, Filipino nurses need more than a pat on the back to jump start their nursing career. The...

Nursing Resume Tips for Nurses

After graduation, one thing that comes to our mind is to be employed and to start earning to reach our goals. Resume preparation is...
nursing salary 2014 us and uk

Nursing Shortages this 2016 and the Promising Salary

United States and United Kingdom will need an enormous amount of nurses in order to sustain the health care needs of their nations. According...

Which Country Do You Prefer To Work As A Nurse?

A lot of nurses are planning to work outside their country to gain a better salary, receive better benefits, and have more experience. Since...

The 5 Best Paying Work at Home Job For Nurses 2015

We've created the most financially rewarding, easy-to-set up and professionally satisfying self-employment jobs for nurses this 2015 and beyond. Check which of these jobs...