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Why Should You Date a Nurse this Valentine’s Day ?

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Valentine’s Day is a few days away and you don’t have a date yet? Hmm… why not take your chances with a nurse? Worried that their work schedule is irregular? Or perhaps they’re probably exhausted after a toxic shift? Well, shrug off your first impression that a nurse makes a terrible date. Here are the top reasons why taking out a nurse on Valentine’s Day is your best decision yet:

  1. Dine anywhere, it’s not an issue. When patients’ needs get into some serious tending, often times nurses forget to take ample lunch and dinner breaks. In order to charge up for the rest of the shift, nurses would just grab anything that’s easy and fast to eat. Thus, you don’t have to worry when you can’t make reservations to some fancy restaurants on V-Day. Diners can be a good alternative as long as you keep it romantic, it’s a go!
  1. Spontaneous and fun conversation. Nurses are masters of the therapeutic art of communication. You won’t feel awkward even if it’s your first date because nurses exactly know how to keep the conversation going. Don’t fret thinking that you’ll only talk about bloody and medical stuff because basically, nurses know anything and everything under the sun! Now, you keep on talking!
  1. Never disgusted with anything. Bodily discharges are typically a nurse’s every day ordeal. When you accidentally spill your pasta on your shirt or perhaps left some dirt on your face, don’t freak out. They have seen worse than that, they’ll even clean it up for you.
  1. Highly sensitive to your needs but sensible. Even you without telling it, nurses would figure out how you feel or probably what you may be thinking. Nurses are no clairvoyant, but with your non-verbal cues and body language, it’s easier for them to probe on what’s bothering you and make you feel less uncomfortable. You don’t have to feel uneasy all the time; nurses make sure you are doing fine. After all, that’s what they do.
  1. Compassionate and caring. Nurses are generally sweet and selfless. Well, who would like to see their nurses being grumpy and indifferent? They always mind other people’s welfare before themselves; a perfect quality of a future girlfriend/boyfriend or perhaps a spouse in the future.
  1. Always cool even on the toughest situations. Hospitals are generally stressful, well at least for the medical team who always deal with emergency situations. Nurses handle tough situations first hand even before doctors intervene. So you don’t have to worry, when your perfect Valentines date plan won’t turn out the way it should, nurses will help you figure out plan B. Their goal orientation is so on track, you’ll cap the night satisfied.
  1. Smart with a great sense of humor. Nurses are critical thinkers, they think beyond the surface. You’ll be surprised on their logic not to mention their incredible problem-solving prowess. Furthermore, you might think that the only humor nurses know are green jokes. Well, they know more than that. It takes an incredibly intelligent person to crack a sensible laugh in perfect timing. After all, passing the nurses licensure exam is no joke.
  1. Very likeable especially to kids and the elderlies. Even your most mischievous little brother and your forgetful grandma will definitely like your nurse date. Nurses are best in handling kids when they are on their nastiest tantrums and very patient to elderlies even they keep on forgetting things. Great family person, a nurse is!
  1. Neat and tidy. Nurses’ uniform is white for some reason. It reflects cleanliness and purity; known characteristics of nurses. Some may have little “OC-ness” when it comes to hygiene, but it’s definitely a charming trait.
  1. Knows the human anatomy pretty well. Disregarding the naughty side of it, nurses are expert when it comes to bodily processes and responses. Aside from random medical facts and trivia, nurses are your little medical encyclopedia on-the-go. They can give quick explanation of some strange marks on your skin, your intermittent headaches and even why your heart is beating fast. They can even give you quick tips on how to keep yourself healthy. Who knows? They might have some cure for a broken heart.

 Article by Iril Ian Rollo

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