Nurses, unlike what other people customarily know, are not only confined into working in hospitals or clinics. As a nurse, just like any other person, you have the liberty to start a business of your own if you feel that direct patient care is not for you.

You get to join the nursing entrepreneurs’ bandwagon and earn an income that can sustain you and your family. If ever you choose to go unto the career path of nursing entrepreneurship now you can say adios to long working hours, goodbye to burn out, and say hello to freedom. Being a nurse with ample experience you are more than well competent to open up a business where you can still put your nursing degree to good use.

These are just some business ideas that you can ponder on:

  • Massage therapy clinic Before, you were used to being the one who gives direct care to your clients but now that doesn’t have to be the case. Now, instead of being the employee you can now become the employer and set up your very own massage therapy clinic. It is a definitely feasible business idea evidenced by a rising number of patronizers who go for a luxurious and relaxing massage in a spa/clinic. There are number of known health benefits discovered about the therapy and that is one of its selling points why people are lured to get a massage. It has been around for thousands of years but it is just now that the idea of massage being commercialized became a growing trend.
  • Nursing uniform/ accessory store If you have that skill of being able to convince people to buy certain products then this business is a sure-fire way to be a successful nurse entrepreneur. You can sell items like nurse watches or pens or other accessories or even invent stuff that makes nurses jobs easier. If you have a knack for designing and making uniforms or scrub suits then selling them will be a good way to make a profit out of your skill.
  • Selling medical supplies and equipments For sure you have worked with medical products all day long when you worked in the hospital. You find the use of medical supplies as well as the operation of these intricate devices and equipment a piece of cake. A great business idea for nurses is selling medical devices and equipment in the comfort of the home.
  • Selling vitamins and nutritional supplements The benefit of being a nurse is that you have a greater judgment compared to others when it comes to health products such as choosing effective vitamin and nutritional supplements. You can use your knowledge in nursing to pick up from the number of supplements in the market and try and endorse it to people you wish to sell the products to.

All these possible business ideas give you the benefit of being able to work on flexible hours and get to spend a lot of time with your family. When you get on track with this business you don’t compromise any family time and yet you are still able to generate an income. It is a fun and a new journey to look forward to.

If you are really creative and definitely business inclined these are not the only businesses you can venture to. The field of entrepreneurship is a big playground and you are free to experiment whatever you please. You do have to know that the business can take time and may not click right away. The most important key is to simply learn how to manage the business well and eventually everything will fall into place.

J.Mag is a registered nurse from the Philippines. J.Mag has worked and volunteered in different hospitals. J.Mag even passed a couple of foreign nursing board exams including Prometric for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and NCLEX for the state of Vermont, USA. When not busy working for the Department of Health as a community health team supervisor, and studying for other foreign exams, J.Mag is most likely writing articles.


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