Hand Washing

Hand washing is the act of cleaning one’s hand with or without the use of water or any liquid to prevent the spread of infection or virus and to increase psychological comfort. In hand washing, one usually uses a soap, warm water, paper towel, trash basket, and wood sticks for nail cleaning.

The right steps in cleaning one’s hand are as follows:

  1. Stand in front of the sink, make sure that the paper towel is properly hanged; ready for use.
  2. Open the faucet using your elbow. Adjust the water temperature to warm since it is perfect for cleaning.
  3. Wet hands under running water, the whole hand must be thoroughly wet.
  4. Place a small amount of soap on hands and evenly distribute it.
  5. One can do vigorous rubbing to make sure that the soap reaches even the smallest part of the hand. Keep doing this for 10-15 seconds.
  6. Using, a wood stick, clean the nails.
  7. Rinse your hands with the running water. One can resoap and rerinse depending on your desire.
  8. Turn off the water faucet and dry you wet hands using the paper towel.

Donning and Removing Gloves

In donning and removing gloves, one needs gloves and a trash receptacle. The correct steps in donning and removing gloves are as follows:

  1. Thoroughly wash your hands.
  2. Remove the gloves from one hand by slipping it from the fingers first.
  3. Roll the gloves from the wrist then, up.
  4. Remove the second glove using the same directions.
  5. Dispose the gloves in the trash can and wash your hands.

Donning Protective Gear Utilizing Standard Precautions

The equipments needed are disposable gloves, gown, mask, apron, cap and protective eye wear. The procedures for correct donning protective gear are as follows:

  1. Wash your hands.
  2. Wear the gown by slipping one arm at a time at the sleeves. Tie the waist ties properly.
  3. Wear the apron, the mask, eye wear and lastly, the gloves.

Surgical Asepsis (Sterile Technique)

A surgical asepsis is a practice wherein one maintains that a place is free from contaminants or microorganisms that may be detrimental to human health. Disinfection is a process of destroying pathogens. An example of this process is the use of alcohol wipes. Sterilization, on the other hand is a process involving heat or steam to kill microorganisms present in an object. Some of the main things that need to be maintained while on the process of sterility technique are: hair covering, surgical mask, sterile gown, and the sterile gloves.


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