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Pinoy Nurses: In-demand in the Land of Legend, Oman

The Sultanate of Oman is a country situated in the Southwest Asia and on the Southeast coast of the Arabian Peninsula. The country is bordered with United Arab Emirates in the northwest, Saudi Arabia in the west and Yemen in the southwest. The Arabian Sea in the south and east and the Gulf of Oman in the northeast formed the country’s coastline. The Madha is an enclave walled by the United Arab Emirates and the Musandam, an exclave separated by Emirati territory.

Sultanate of Oman
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Amidst the modernization of Oman, Omanis were able to preserve their inherent culture and western influences are quite restricted. The Ibadi, a conservative form of Islam is the major religion­—of about 75% of Oman is Muslim. Omani Arabic is the official language and the dominant ethnic dialect and was able to adopt English as the second language. Almost all signs and writings are transcribed in both Arabic and English.

The Khanjar is a ceremonial curved dagger that symbolizes the elegance of male and usually worn during formal events. Traditional clothing is worn by most of Omani men characterized as an ankle-length collarless gown with long sleeves called dishdasha that buttons at the neck with a tassel hanging down. The tassel is dipped in perfume as part of their culture. Male accessories also include a type of turban called muzzar and a cane or stick assa. On the other hand, women wear hijab and abaya. Some women cover their faces and hands but most do not, especially in public offices where the Sultan has forbids covering of faces. During holidays, women wear traditional brightly colored dresses with a mid-calf length tunic over pants.

The currency of Oman is Omani Riyal (OMR) with the tempting rate of 1.00 OMR over the range of 110.00 – 113.00 PHP. Oman having peace loving citizens, enticing salary plus benefit packages and offers myriad opportunities attract Filipino overseas workers.

The Ministry of Health is a directorate responsible for the provision, coordination and stewardship of the health care sector. MOH serves as the main agency of the government in providing curative, preventive, promotive and rehabilitative functions of care for the people of Oman. The agency managed the government owned hospitals and health centers at local, sub-regional, regional and national levels.MOH makes primary medical care available through health centers, extended health centers and local/wilayat hospitals. The regional referral hospitals mainly provide secondary medical care, while the national referral hospitals mostly provide tertiary medical care.

Oman nursing is now facing the new challenges of the new e-Era.Technological innovation has moved into a wide space with great impact on nursing profession and education which has driven the pursuit for the improvement of health care delivery system.Electronic revolution has already had drastic changes on health care delivery, nursing profession and the education of nurses. Pinay nurses known for excellence, hard-working and highly globally competitive health care providers and practitioners are now in-demand in the “Land of Legend”.

To address and meet the challenges of the 21st century, the Ministry of Health is now hiring hundreds of female nurses from different field of specializations such as:

  • 100 Medical / Surgical
  • 100 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)
  • 100 Labor and Delivery Room
  • 100 Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
  • 100 Pediatric General Care
  • 100 Accident and Emergency Care
  • 100 Renal Dialysis Unit (RDU

The qualifying examination to be conducted by the representatives of the Ministry of Health will be on 01 July 2012, 7:00 a.m. at San Beda College, Mendiola, Manila. Qualified examinees are required to wear hospital uniforms or scrub suits. Examinees that will pass the MOH nursing examination will be qualified for the interview on July 2 – 8.

Nurse applicants must be female, graduate of Bachelor of Science in Nursing with 2 years hospital experience and actively practicing in a hospital setting. Private nurses and volunteer are not qualified.

Requirements are updated resume with picture, high school and college diploma, transcript of records, board rating and certificate, PRC license and ID, employment certificates (local and abroad), passport / 6 pcs clear passport copies and 12 pcs. Passport size blue background photo.



Danela Cosejo
Danela Cosejo Duran, BSN, RN (Nurse Specialist) is currently working as a Clinical Instructor at Bicol University, Polangui Campus. A former Case Manager at Prince Sultan Military Medical City (one of the largest hospitals in KSA and top 2 leading hospitals in the Arab world). A registered nurse for 20 years and served as a nurse, educator, manager, writer, and researcher. “Technology has replaced most of the prominent jobs, but never the nursing profession – artificial intelligence can never supersede a human touch.”


  1. Required Filipino Nurse Male and Female for a reputed clinic in Muscat Oman. Those who have passed Prometric / MoH License and ready to join by January 2016 kindly send your CV to sreeyen@gmail.com or call 00968-97327281 / 968-96928680 Contact Sridhar – Suhail Bahwan Group HR Department


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