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The Nurses PRC license expired every 3 years and needs to be renewed in order to continue practicing the nursing profession. It is usually renewed on the birth month of the license holder.

Previously, the PRC license is renewed manually wherein you have to show up physically in the office and fill up a form, present your old ID and wait for many weeks, even months, in order to get your new ID. Nowadays, PRC license renewal is done online because of the Licensure Examination and Registration Information System (LERIS V2).

However, before proceeding to the renewal process, one must comply with the CPD requirements.

As stated in the CPD Act of 2016, nurses shall accomplish 36 units of CPD until December 2018. Starting in January 2019, a total of 60 units shall be completed. Nurses must attend programs accredited by the CPD council which may include formal learning, informal learning, self-directed learning and online learning activities. PRC has released a list of CPD programs accredited for nursing.

List of Accredited CPD Program for Nurses

Along with this, the PRC also released a list of providers accredited by the CPD Council to conduct CPD programs as defined by the Republic Act 10912.

 The Whole List of Accredited CPD Providers 

Renewal of Nurses PRC License Latest Update 2018

Proceed to these steps after completing your CPD requirements:

  1. Make sure to prepare the following requirements:
    1. An email address. This email address should be the one you are regularly using and not just some random email address.
    2. Mobile phone number
    3. Soft copy of 2×2 picture in .jpg format. Please take note that this picture should be taken no more than 6 months prior to license renewal. It must be on a plain white background with the applicant wearing an attire with collar, ears visible, taken in a well-lit room without any shadows. This step is very important as to avoid any delay in your application.
    4. Valid ID card.
  2. Make sure to have a stable internet connection, and access the PRC website using the browser of your choice (
  3. If this is you are doing this for the first time, you must first register and create an account. If you already have an account, skip this step and proceed to Step # 4. To register for an account:
    1. Go to the register tab, read the Terms of Services and click the AGREE button.
    2. Fill out the form to create an account. Remember using the email address you are regularly using.
    3. After filling up everything, click the REGISTER button in order to create your account.
    4. Check your email account for your account confirmation. Look for the email sent by PRC and click “ACTIVATE ACCOUNT” in order to verify.
  4. Sign in to your account using the email address and password you entered in the previous step. After signing in, fill out the page requesting your personal information. Your first and last names must match the names seen on your PRC ID. After filling up everything, tick the “CHECK IF THIS IS FOR RENEWAL” checkbox.

prc online renewal application5. Click SAVE INFORMATION at the bottom. A confirmation box will appear, make sure you have entered the correct details before clicking YES.

  1. Upload the digital copy of your photo. Please refer to Step # 1 for the correct format. After uploading your picture, click SELECT TRANSACTION button on the upper right corner.

prc renewal online step by step

  1. A pop-up window will appear asking you to select your transaction. Click the RENEWAL tab, select your profession from the drop-down menu then enter your 7-digit PRC license. Click PROCEED after doing this.

prc renewal online step by step8. Choose your preferred PRC Office where you intend to claim your PRC ID from the drop-down menu. You will also be given a choice to select your preferred appointment date and payment option for the transaction.

prc renewal online step by step

prc renewal online step by step 4

Upon choosing your payment option, you will be given a reference number. Please take note of this reference number as this will be needed when paying the corresponding fee.

You may choose to pay via: Bayad Center / MultiPay / 7Eleven / ECPay

Please take note that the PRC Central Office transferred the renewal process at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC), Pasay City. So if you are planning to renew your license at the central office in Manila, please choose PICC as your appointment place.

  1. After paying the corresponding amount, you may click on the EXISTING TRANSACTIONS tab and verify the status of your application. If you have done an online payment, you will be redirected to another page. Click the PRINT CLAIMING STUB / PRINT option.

prc renewal online step by step payment

Claiming your PRC License

On the day of your chosen appointment date, you must prepare the following:

  • Original and photocopy of the Official Receipt of the payment made.
  • Original and one photocopy of CPD certificates
  • Original and photocopy of the expiring ID license
  • Printed Application for Professional Identification Card

Upon arriving at the PRC Office, you must proceed to the validation counter to have your certificates validated. Then, proceed to the ID Renewal Personnel and submit all of the required documents. The last step is to wait for your new ID.

Q: How long will I wait for the processing of my renewal?

You do not have to wait long. Your brand new ID will be released within the day of the processing. Some may only take an hour to process. It depends on the branch you made an appointment with.

Q: How do I renew my license if I am abroad?

Because of the online processing of the license renewal, it had been made accessible even for nurses who are working abroad. For those located abroad, all you have to do is to follow the procedures listed above. If you are choosing Bayad Centers as a payment option, just ask a representative to settle the payment on your behalf.

This same representative may also claim your PRC ID. If your representative is a PRC registered professional, ask them to bring their PRC ID and an authorization letter. If your representative is not PRC registered, a Special Power of Attorney (SPA) and one valid ID are needed in order to claim the PRC ID on your behalf.

Q: Can I reschedule my appointment date?

Yes, you can. Just log in to your PRC account and click on another schedule. You must need to enter the reason why you are selecting a new appointment date then click CONFIRM.

prc renewal online step by step payment

Q: Can I choose an earlier date for renewal? I am worried the next expiry date may move also into an earlier date.

Yes, you may choose an earlier date. The expiry date will not move into an earlier date and will still be three years after your original expiry date.

Q: SM malls are offering PRC license renewal, can I renew my license there?

Yes. Just bring duly accomplished forms, plus a Php 50 convenience fee.

Q: Can I renew even if I do not have any CPD units?       

They will allow you to renew your PRC license as long as you execute an affidavit of the undertaking and make sure that you will comply in the future.

For further questions, don’t hesitate to drop it in the comment section below. We hope we have helped you through this quick and easy guide to renewing your PRC License.

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  1. Hi
    My license expired this year March 2021. Due to the pandemic , I wasn’t able to arrange the renewal of my license.
    I am currently a Team Leader with medication competency in NZ -aged care facility, Dementia unit.
    Not yet a Registered Nurse here in New Zealand.
    Please advise what are the possible steps to do in renewing my license.
    I have attended some webinars from UP /PGH and PCPD, as well several trainings here in NZ.

  2. I applied for renewal online and paid. But its been more than a month i didn’t received new PIC.

    How can I check the status of my nursing PIC or is there any contact details?

    Please provide contact details.

  3. Hi good day. Can i renew my expired prc license and without cpd yet? Planning to go back and work again as a nurse.thank u.

  4. Bkit agnun nagrenew ako licence today…After i fill up the application for renewal Window 13 lang ako pumila…I waited 40 minutes then tinawag na ko sa window 17 then pinapunta ako cashier to pay the renewal of 450 pesosThen after ko magbyad di nako pinablik ulit sa window?Sabi ng guard ok na daw un,balik nlang daw ako window 24 for claiming nsa akin naman stub…kaso di na kinuha ulit un expired PRC ID ko even ung xerox at un isa pang passport size pic..kala ko ba 2pcs kailangan?bothered tuloy ako if i did the processing correct…

  5. Good Day! Since meron na tayong Renewal sa ilang SM Malls, anu-ano ang mga needed requirements sa pagre-renew ng PRC ID? The same requirements pa rin ba?

    • Requirements for SM Mall renewals of PRC License:
      Most recent PRC License, 1 Passport sized Photo (colored photo with white background, with name tag, collared shirt), Renewal fee of P450.00 for timely renewal. For expired licenses, add P150.00 per year overdue, plus Fines (exact fees to be determined by PRC only). Over and above all fees, SM Malls will charge a processing fee of P50.00 only. Redemption of renewed PRC license is 1 month after filing.

  6. Good day…..expired na last year ung license ko di ko po na renew kc dito na ako nkatira sa zamboanga sibugay and nawala po wallet ko sa prc davao po ako naka file

  7. Nasa US ako ngaun expired na ung license ko last January need ko na irenew. Is there a possible way to renew the license online. And also I need to change my last name, can you help me and tell the procedure on how to renew it and what are the things/ requirements needed on renewing the license and changing my lastname.

  8. hello can i ask a question? my fiance authorized me to get her ID but the claim stub/slip is missing is there any problem with that? and if so is there any option? by the way my fiance is in middle east right now so she authorized me to get it. thanks in advance..

  9. pag nag claim ng id,how long yung validity time?nagrenew ako nung january tapos when I came back to get it di pa daw ready.. So i was wondering if you have any idea.. Hindi ko pa rin kasi nakeclaim up to now..


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