Planning to work in Dubai as a Registered Nurse? In Dubai, if a Filipino nurse wants to pursue a professional practice, they need to obtain a professional license beforehand. This allows them to provide services using the acquired nursing skills. Confused where to start or how to apply for this ‘must-have’ license? Well then, you came to right place. We got the details covered for you on the process of applying for Dubai Health Authority License.

Step by Step Guide on Applying for DHA Professional License

To make it easier for you we have compiled the steps to get your DHA license. It’s a long process, and requires lots of time waiting for approval, but almost all the steps are done online. Hence, you only need a personal computer or laptop, a reliable internet connection and you’re good to go. Also, it is important to have the requirements ready before starting with process.

Again, before you begin applying for a professional license please make sure you have the following:

  1. A scanned passport sized photograph with a white background
  2. A scanned passport copy
  3. A scanned copy of your degree and official translation in Arabic or English if necessary
  4. Scanned documents related to your degrees such as Transcript of Records
  5. Scanned copy of your previous or current license
  6. Letters stating your experience from previous employers for the past 5 years
  7. Good standing certificate
  8. Filled out and scanned copy of Letter of Authorization

After compiling all your documents, let’s proceed to these steps:

Step 1 – Visit DHA website

Visit Under the ‘eServices’ tab navigate on to ‘Licensing Services.’ You will be directed to a page asking you to log-in. Click the ‘User Guides’ tab above the page, hover over and click ‘Sheryan.’ This will lead you to a ‘User Manual’ page.

Step 2 – Watch a Video to Guide You through the Process

Now, scroll down and under the ‘videos’ section click ‘How to apply for new professional License.’ Watch the video to get the full picture and know-hows on the application process.

Step 3 – Create Your Account

Go this page and click the ‘new user registration’ button. Fill up the form  and choose your desired username and password. Remember to use a not-so-easy to detect password for security purposes. Passwords should be at 7 to 20 characters while usernames are required to contain at least 5 characters or 20 at the most. The last three blanks to fill up would be your name, enter your name details as written on your passport. Then click ‘create user.’

Step 4 – Enter Personal Information

Log in with username and password you have already created. Click ‘Health Licensing Service.’ Enter personal information. Click ‘submit’ button after you finished filling out the details. Wait for management approval. The approval may take about 1-3 business days.

Step 5 – Review and Accept the Terms and Conditions

Once your application is approved, log in again. Click ‘health licensing service.’ Select ‘new professional license’ tab. Read the Terms and conditions and tick the box next to ‘I agree, Terms and Conditions.’ Click the ‘next’ button.

Step 6 – Enter Professional Information

After clicking the ‘next’ button you’ll be directed to a page requiring you to choose the professional category applying for, click the drop down menu and choose “Nurse & Midwife.’ Fill out the form in this page and take note that fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory. It is important to keep in mind that all data entered should be the same as details on your passport.

At the bottom part of the page, you will see a ‘Please upload valid passport copies.’ Click ‘Attach File’ and upload a passport size photo with a white background from your computer. Type ‘PHOTO’ on the file title category. Next, upload a scanned passport copy from your computer. Type ‘PASSPORT’ on the file title category. Then click ‘NEXT’ to continue.

Step 7 – Search and Select the Professional Title You Are Applying For

Click the ‘Add’ button, and search the specialty using the first two letters of the specialty title. After choosing your professional title, enter the name of your ‘Employing Facility.’

Step 8 – Add Your Education Details

Click the ‘Add’ button and enter your education information on the form. At the bottom part of the page, you will see ‘Upload Degree Copies.’ Click ‘Attach File’ button and upload the scanned degree from your computer (e.g. Degree certificate, transcripts etc.). Take note they only accept Arabic and English Languages. If your certificate is translated, the translation must be official and should be attached in addition to the original certificate. Click ‘submit.’ Repeat the same steps until all degree certificates have been added then click ‘Next.’

Step 9 – Enter Previous or Current License Information

Fill out the form and upload a scanned copy of your license from your computer then click ‘Next’.

Step 10 – Provide Your Work Experience Details

Click the ‘Add’ button and provide full details of employer for the last 5 years starting from the latest to the previous employer. Upload scanned copies of letters from employers and click ‘Submit.’ Repeat the same steps for all employment records for the last 5 years and then click ‘Next.’

Step 11 – Upload Good Standing Certificate

Under the ‘Upload Additional Documents’ portion at the uppermost part of the page click ‘attach file’ and upload your good standing certificate.

Step 12 – Complete the ‘Declaration Questions’

These questions are answerable with a yes or no, just tick which answer is appropriate for you. Once you entered all details, click ‘Next.’

Step 13 – Confirm the Accreditation of All Certificates

Tick the box beside the ‘ I confirm that all my certificate …’ statement. Below the statement, you will see a ‘Download Letter of Authorization,’ in a red font. Click it to download your copy, print it out, complete the form and scan it. Upload the scanned copy on the same page, then click ‘Submit.’

Step 14 – Proceed to Payment

Go to ‘Professional User Inbox’ and open the payment page. Click ‘Pay’ and choose your method of payment and proceed to final confirmation.

Step 15 – Track Your Application

After 6-8 weeks or after your initial application is approved, log in again. Proceed to Health Licensing Service page, click ‘Track’ to track your application. Copy the link of the data-flow website on the description portion of ‘Verification of documents by PSV.’

Step 16– Proceed to Link Provided in #15

You will be directed to the payment page of primary source verification certificate. On the DHA Reference Number space, enter your application reference number and click ‘submit.’ Pay the primary source verification fees.

After 48 hours, log in again to your account. Proceed to Health Licensing Service page and follow the next steps to select the assessment date.

Step 17– Book your Assessment Date

Take note of your ‘Eligibility Number.’ This number will be active after 5 working days from the issued date. Go to the prometric website to book your assessment date online.

On the Prometric website, click ‘Schedule My Test’ button. Complete each step and then click ‘next.’ Enter your Eligibility ID number and the first four characters of your last name on the Eligibility Information form. Click ‘next.’

Step 17– Select Your Test Center

To find the closest location, enter your preferred address, city/state or ZIP/postal code where you would like to schedule your appointment in the search box provided. You will be presented a list of test centers. Choose the nearest or your desired location and click ‘schedule an appointment.’ Then you will be directed to Prometric Biometric Consent and tick the ‘I agree’ option then click ‘Next.’

Step 18 – Select Your Preferred Date Test and Time

Select an available month or your desired month to take the test and click ‘Go.’ Select your preferred date and time on the given option. If the available date and time is inconvenient, you can either choose a different month or choose another Test Center. After choosing the date and time, click ‘next’ and fill out the additional information form. Click ‘next’ to proceed to payment.  Log-in to your account again. Go back to your professional home page and click ‘submit’.

Step 19 – Check the Result of Your Test

Log-in to your homepage to check the result of your test. If you took the prometric assessment, results will be released after 3 business days. If you pass the examination you will have to upload an offer letter a malpractice insurance. If you fail the assessment, application is closed and you will have to reapply with the same username and password.

If you pass the assessment:

Open your eligibility letter, it is valid for one year after passing g the assessment. Click ‘Next’ and add the name of your employer in the ‘Facility’ category. Upload the Offer Letter and Malpractice Insurance. Submit and wait for 5 working days for documents’ verification.

Step 20 – Proceed to Final Payment

After 5 working days, log-in to your account, and proceed to final payment. After final payment, you will receive an email in order to collect your license.

And that’s the end of the line! Your application is complete! Congratulations!

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