Do you know about the 8-8-8 Rule? It is a really simple life concept and maybe you do not know that you follow this rule every living day. It is a really smart principle that has guided man for countless years without the man even knowing that such a principle exists. The 8-8-8 rule is simply the rule of life and existence. It is a concept, which if followed, allows man to live in this world with good health, satisfying relationships, and a high level of well-being.

Just what is this 8-8-8 rule? I am not going to make a lot of hoopla about this: it is simply a rule that represents the 24-hour a day existence of our lives. Each 8 represents 8 hours in a man’s living day. To put things simple, there are meanings attached to each number 8, and this guides man.


The first 8 represents the 8 hours man spends working, or studying. Most of the occupations around the world follow the 8-hr. work period. Students, on the other hand, go to school for 8 hours to study. This first 8 hours allows the living man to explore and acquire knowledge to be able to live in this world. It gives the working man a chance to earn and make a living in this world. It is through this first 8 hours that man makes the most of his knowledge and skills to be able to contribute to the world, and at the same time, it represents the hours that man sacrifices for him to be able to put food and other basic needs on the table. 40hr workweek, 8hr. a day.


The second 8 represents the hours that man is granted to explore and use for himself or his relationships. In the 24-hour period that man lives, this is the time given to him that allows him to fulfill his need for introspection, or for relationships. This can be divided further into two 4-hours. The first four hours can be used by man to explore himself and do the things that interest him all for himself. This can be the golden “me time” where one indulges and exclusively explores oneself. It is the time that a man can use for hobbies like writing, reading a book, watching television, and other things.

The next 4 hours can be used by man to deepen his relationship and bond with others around him. He may utilize this time to communicate and bond with his wife, or his children. It may even be used for friends. It is these 4 hours that man uses to enhance and strengthen relationships. It is these four hours that fulfill his need for love and belonging.


The last 8 hours that man is given is his time for rest. Physicians and medical research has pointed out that man needs at least 8 hours of sleep in a single day. It is the time when a man is freely given the chance to rest and recuperate from all the tiring activities he did during the 16 hours he is awake. It is 1/3 of man’s entire day and this time for sleep and rest allows his body to revitalize and his mind to sleep as well.

Man is a solitary and at the same time a social being. He needs time for himself and time for others to deepen relationship bonds. Man is given 24 hours a day to live in this world, and with this time comes responsibility. Many people in this existence feel weak and stressed out from all the demands of living. Man sacrifices his me-time and relationship-time, even his rest time, just for work. In the process, he does not notice that the things that matter slowly vanish: relationships suffer, health is frail, and life is sad. If only man has the discipline to follow this simple rule and makes use of his time wisely, then maybe humankind wouldn’t suffer so much bitter health and heartbreaks. It is true indeed: time is gold; use yours wisely.

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