Neuro-Ortho, Ana-Physio, and Med-Surg are few of the bleeders we usually encounter every day at school. Our favorite major subjects! These cannot be ignored, in fact, no subjects should be ignored, but the degree of difficulty of these major subjects is merely impeccable and unforgettable. There could be hundreds of learning strategies that a student can try on, and here are some of learning methods that could help you retain or learn information better.

Read and answer chapter’s activities

            One of the best and basic way of learning is reading the topic and answering the chapter’s questions or activities. This will enables a person to practice what they have learn while it is still fresh in the mind. It may be a very simple way of learning, but hey…everything starts from trivial steps.

Do an outline

Another basic way of learning, wherein while you are reading the context, you may already write the main topic and the sub headings encapsulated in the context. This allows you to have a guide on how the topic flows. Furthermore, it does not teaches you to merely rely on your outline because you will only write a very brief description on every topic and subheading. It is very important not to jot everything on your outline, just the keywords. Again, this is only a guide and you shouldn’t be like a parasite who is completely reliant to your paper.

Our favorite MNEMONICS

            There are several kinds of mnemonics, in fact outline is one of them. The popular mnemonics are often used as song, image, name, rhyme, and acronym. In nursing, name and acronym are frequently used. For example, ABCDEFGHI for Airway, Breathing, Circulation, Disability, Examine, Fahrenheit, Get vitals, Head – to – toe – assessment and Intervention. There are several mnemonics that you can search online, but you may also create your own for fun, as long as this will help you retain that specific information. For instance, instead of Tissue Paper My Assets (Tricuspid, Pulmonic, Mitral, and Aortic) which is used for blood flow through the cardiac valves, you also change it into Teach Per My Approval. The options are limitless, you may do it in any possible way that would suit your understanding.

Be a singer/ song writer

            Yes, we choose nursing as our career profession, and we just want to be clear, we will not opt singing as our career unless we can really sing, Peace out! This strategy is not really complicated, we will just sing or adapt the rhythm of an existing song and replace the lyrics with the topic or lesson that you are reviewing. This could be really effective. Why? Simply because we can easily memorize the lyrics of the song especially the popular ones. Therefore, why not make the most out of it, by replacing the lyrics. A specific rhythm could serve as a guide which would remind you what the content is.

How about an artist like Leonardo Da Vinci?

            Again, not another career shift, but I bet you love to doodle especially when you feel bored either from the lesson or your teacher. Kidding aside, you can make use of your doodling skills and create a guide that will remind you of an information. As mentioned earlier, mnemonics can also be manifested through images. Therefore you may create simple images that will help you memorize a certain process. And since I mentioned Leonardo Da Vinci, how about the mnemonics MONA with the image of Mona Lisa. MONA stands for Morphine, Oxygen, Nitroglycerine, and ASA which are primary immediate treatments for Myocardial Infarction. You are not required to perfect Mona Lisa’s smile but at least her name would always remind you of the treatment.

Treat a friend?

            Treat a friend is actually a very simple game that could either help you learn more or go broke. I know you would ask how this game will make someone torn their wallets. This would be a type of group study with some brain storming activities. The mechanics is very simple, you just need to study together and at the end of each session you have to throw questions at each other. The member or student who will have the least number of correct answer will treat everybody. This will depend on what you have agreed on, it could be lunch, sandwich, or even just a candy. Such kind of punishment will force you to really study hard and commit in listening and learning more, because the only options available for this game are win, loss, or leave the study group. If you will look at this constructively you will find it a fun and very motivating game, because everyone will be determine to have to most number of correct answers. This game is not meant to be played for long-term because the members might run out of money to pay for their tuition fees (just being exaggerated). But seriously, not for yearlong game, one week or every weekend would be fair.

Memorizing and learning can be challenging for some, while other find this fun. Regardless of how we perceived this, the most important thing when studying is being open for variety of options. It is important for a student to also consider and evaluate yourself on the learning methods you have tried on, because this will give a good insight in determining which among these appears to be most effective or applicable. In addition to this, you have to bring a ton of patience because anticipate that you will not get everything right the first time, so make sure that you have enough patience on really pondering on the topic. After all, it’s better to commit mistakes while still learning at school than commit mistakes when you are already conducting the interventions among your patients. Remember, mistakes in nursing profession equates for possibility of license revocation, law suit, or removal from the profession. It is hard to attain this profession, so make every chances count.


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